Jenkins School, Cooch Behar - one of the oldest schools in India

Jenkins School, Cooch Behar W. Bengal.
Jenkins School, a boys school is located on Silver Jubilee Avenue, Cooch Behar in the Indian state of West Bengal. Established in 1861 in the town of Cooch Behar, it is one among the oldest schools in India as well as Bengal (undivided). Now, it is a government school and it was founded by the then Maharajah of Cooch Behar His Highness  Narendra Narayan,

The Maharajah was a man of foresight and  vision, keenly interested in the welfare of his kingdom and he wanted his subjects to be in  tune with modem developments in science and technology so that the future of the state will be in good hands. Realizing the value of education, he wanted to have a modem educational system in Cooch Behar. He established Jenkins School with the main purpose of imparting English education and other studies relevant to India to the children.

He thought it was quite appropriate to name the school after  
 Major Gen. Francis Jenkins, an alumnus of Oxford University and the Commissioner of Assam and official Agent of the Governor General of Bengal for Assam frontier (now North-East India). Jenkins not only loved the people of Cooch Behar, Assam and other regions, but never wished to get back to England and lead a happy, peaceful retirement life. Instead he settled down at Gauhati and lived there till his death. During that time, in that place there was no school to impart education to the children. In the scholl There are classes from lower standard  up to 12th standard.

Jenkins School. Cooch Behar, WB Cooch
Soon after  the independence of India in August 1947, the princely state of Cooch Behar became  merged with India in 1950 as Cooch Behar district within the state of West Bengal. Jenkins School became a  state government school. In the early stages, many teachers were appointed  on recommendation of king of Cooch Behar, Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan and the government of West Bengal. Between the late 1940s and the early 1960s, the school did well. Thanks to  Kalipada Mukherjee HM who worked hard and  made it a popular a popular school in this region.  In the domain of sports, the Maharajah also  sought the help of  Sailen Datta, a veteran cricketer of the Bengal cricket team for the improvement  of sports education in the school.

The school's 100-year anniversary  was celebrated in January 1961 and 150 anniversary  in  January 2011. This school consistently produced excellent students who excelled in various tough govt. competitive entrance exams and made a mark in their lives. In order to maintain the relationship with the old boys, an Alumni Association was formed  not only to maintain a cordial relationship with the school, but also to preserve and promote school's tradition, and future development. Further, the students can take the inspiration from older students who achieved success in their lives.
In this school, cricket is a popular game