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Art of managing people:
At a high-level job  interview, the panel asked the prospective candidate  a strange question, "When it comes to dealing with  talkative women, how can you make a difference between a smart man and a foolish man ?"  Came the reply, "If one among you is foolish, you will ask the ladies to shut up their mouth  and if one among you happens to be brainy and knows the psychology of women,  you will tell them 'to zip up their beautiful  lips so that they will look more beautiful than ever before' and  this way they will get the attention of others". The man got the job to deal with a few beautiful, but tough broads''.
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When interviewing a woman candidate for a senior management  position with an Indian company, the interviewing panel asked a different question, "When the men in the office are talkative and fail to do their job on time how will you scare them silly and make them work?". The woman candidate said, " It is as simple as making an apple pie. I' ll tell them that their wives are on the way right from the women's social club  to the office as they have a plan to go on a 'shopping binge' in the evening".
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