Quotes for life - 09

Cartoon Studio

" Just the way trash is used as manure to raise crops, setbacks, failures, mistakes and flaws  can be used as nuggets of inspiration to succeed in life. Behind the famous inventions one could see a spate of blunders and failures".

 Money and happiness: 

"It is a paradox that happiness and money hardly ever stay together under the same roof. If one is out, the other is in. Vice verse."

Women cops and men:

Facing a lady cop is not a funny thing! Pinterest
"It is unfortunate that  countless  men for decades are yet to develop a proper mindset to face the lady cops seriously when confronted in
a  bad situation. They fell they are booby-trapped!!".

Roadblocks to success:

Cartoon Motivators
  "Jealousy, ego and self adulation - they are the first roadblocks to success in life. Some succeed in their lives because, they do not give in  to such transient aspects of life. But, many fail  miserably and do not retain the the fruits of  their success because they are blinded  by the above three-headed  devil". 

Competition and challenges:
"Any  competition is a challenge, an act of  emulation  that will spur us into positive action to  reach greater heights."