Quotes for life - 11

Rags to riches:
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"The man's success is a little told fairly tale of rags to riches  
through sheer competence, hard work and patience under demanding circumstances".
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"Irrespective of countries, where there is a Presidential or Parliamentary election involving competing politicians, there is no way one can lose sight of  brazen betrayals, inspiring stump speeches of promises and plenty, accusations and counter accusations, discussion on other neta's private life, etc. To cap it all, one can not miss the fun  and excitement of  gaffes and whistle blowing that will make the audience burst into guffaw. For the media it is a big scoop for their newspapers and TV shows.

Success and failures:
The EEB & Flow - blogger
"From the Sunrise to Sundown,  man's life is eventful all the 
way  with ripples of joy, success and  triumphs, more often 
than not, interlaced with  surges of failures, triumphs and horrible disappointments".

Civility and profanity:

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''In the place where bigotry, swearing and profanity spew into open,  it will be  foolish to expect the luxury of civility and dignity. They are already in the grave". 

Noisy people:

When cheats, corrupt and dishonest people gather to have a nice chat, their noise will be louder than the peals of  summer thunder or big  laughter coming out of a high society ladies' club"