Hoshiarpur clock tower - in a state of neglect!!

Hoshiarpur, which is on the lap of Shiwalik ranges, is a big town in the Doaba region of Punjab. This region has a lot of lush greenery   and it makes the travel a pleasant one.  The town was first founded during the early part of the fourth century. In 1809 it was occupied by the forces of Maharajah Karanvir Singh and became part of Punjab state.

Hoshiarpur colonial clock tower. citruscountyfarmstays.com  
Hoshiarpur colonial clock tower.Tripmondo

The town has an old  clock tower in a busy area and there is no recorded information on the origin of this clock. When was it built? Who was responsible for the construction? For what purpose  it was built? These are the moot questions that haunt the new comers to this town. It is not clear when the tower was built. It could be 1890s or 1936. The tower is built in the form of a gate called Hoshiarpur gate. Due to lack of funds, the clock tower is poorly  maintained. People say the clock  on the tower worked five  years ago. In the past the chime could be heard a kilo meter  from the market. The Electronic clock set some time ago is not working. Earlier it used to be a mechanically wound clock. The metal ladder that is part of the structure lies unfixed due to paucity of funds. It was damaged during the construction a police station . The area around it is encroached by the shop keepers and others. Over the tower electric power lines are going in a haphazard way. Evey thing  around the gate is chaotic. The monument  with which the town is identified is in a state of neglect, and it is unfortunate that no action is forthcoming from the city authorities to repair and restore the old clock tower.

It is highly deplorable the city authorities here, as in many states, do not show any interest in such valuable monuments that ought to be preserved for posterity. Because of their negligence and lack of drive, countless ancient monuments, palaces, forts and colonial structures  across India lie in ruin.