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Winds and gossips:
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"Breezes and winds never fail to keep the trees busy, but  nature gives them strength to resist them.
So, are the rumors and gossips in  our lives. God has given us common sense to let them pass through from one ear to the other; see to it they don't stay in your head". 

"Ill-gotten money that requires no toil, only filthy mind, never stays with a person long enough. And it will disappear as fast as it came to him".

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Jantoo Cartoons
"The world belongs to those who don't make a
 compromise on merit by using their discretionary powers"
                                                                                                          Finishing the race:
"Even if not victorious, it would be nice to finish the race last. What counts is participation in the competition".

Blatant lie:
"One glaring and galling fabricated falsehood   may cause much more havoc than a Monsoon cyclone. It'll  multiply into  a 'whooping lie' and may make one hundred  innocent families lose their night's sleep and peace of mind.