100 pillar hall, Srirangam temple - newly found flooring repaired

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In September 2014,  an accidental discovery of a part of flooring of a huge mantapam (hall) was made  at the world famous Sri Ranganather (lord Vishnu) temple of Srirangam, Tamil Nadu. The temple is the largest functional temple in the world and has a total of 53 shrines and is located in an island formed by the rivers Cauvery and Kollidam (Coleroon).  When the temple officials were in the process of shifting the ‘prasadam stall’ from Surya Pushkarni area to the old annadhana koodam they  stumbled upon a lower flooring in the  100-pillar mandapam. A massive work was on inside the temple as part of renovation work. This temple's Samrokshanam (Maha Kumbabishekam) was to take place later. Devotees  visiting  the Dhanvantri temple in the Sri Ranganather temple complex would  never miss the 100-pillar mandapam that seemed to have sand flooring. In reality,  the mandapam's actual floor was several feet beneath it. The half sand-submerged 100 pillar hall -  "Noothukku Kaal Mandapam" has a shrine dedicated to Theerthakarai Vasudeva Perumal. It is said the part of the mandapam was filled with sand to make the flooring  even and comfortable for the visitors to reach the Danvanthri shrine. 

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The  100-pillar mandapam was behind the Prasadam stall that occupied a small area. However, the materials needed for cooking in the Madappalli (temple Kitchen) such as piles of firewood, etc  had been kept behind the hall which was not visible at once. The mandapam is being supported by 100 ornate stone pillars, covering a total area of about 11,900 square feet, according to the temple officials. 

The pillars are about 12 feet tall. After the new discovery, it was never thought that the tall pillars would go farther deep under.

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 Now, the mantapam is repaired and given a face-lift. The temple officials say that  the mandapam will be used during Sri Krishna Jayanthi when Namperumal (Vishnu) is brought from the Garbagraha - sanctum sanctorum. The old practice that had been not continued for the past three decades, will be restored from the forthcoming Sri Krishna Jayanthi festival  onward.