Conditioning of the mind - elephant. and the rope!!


Be they humans or animals, mind plays a primary role in their behavior. Particularly, in the case of certain wild animals, conditioning their mind is part of training the animals undergo. Once trained, the animal follows a patterned behavior already set in their mind. The following example will be of interest to you.

Elephant and the rope. Twitter

Once a curious man went past an elephant that was tied to the tree with a rope. Upon seeing the rope that was preventing a huge animal from moving out, he became cofused  and stuck to the view that in the absence of strong chains or a cage, the elephant could , at any time, break the rope and go free. But, for unknown reasons, the elephant stood in the same place and never tried to take a flight to freedom. Why?

Being inquisitive, he saw the Mahout/trainer standing near-by and asked him , What made the elephant stand in the same place and why is it not trying to escape? The trainer said, "When the elephants were young and small, we used the same rope to tie them at that point of time and age and it was good enough for them to keep them safely in the same place, when undergoing proper training. As they grow up, they have been conditioned to such an extent that they believe that they can not break away once firmly tied up with a pole or stake. Now this particular elephant  believes  the rope still holds it  so, it can not not try to break free".

Now the man understtod the mind power. The big animal  can break the rope and free himself in a jiff, but still it stands  in the same place, in the belief he can not break it.

Moral:  Elephants can very easily lift a load weighing one ton kg. At the circus and in the Hindu temples, you can see an elephant standing quietly, then and there entertaining the people while being tied with a rope to a piller or wooden stake. On account of his prolonged training (mental conditioning), no matter how strong and how big he has grown, he still feels  that he can not break the chain or rope and move the stake and escape. 

Like this unfortunate elephant, how many of us go through this mental ordeal and agony  and believe that we can not achive our goal  because we  failed miserably earlier. This mental block, once set in, will keep us on hold and we will be stuck where we are. We should not let this mental block creep into our mind. Just remember what has happened to the elephant who can not move far beyond the extent of his mind set.
So, never ever give up  your struggle to reach your goal or destination. Failure is part of learning. A young baby makes countless attempts before standing upright firmly on his feet. He does not care about the peeople around him. Nor do the repeated falls discourage him. So, don't be like an elephant tied with a rope. Resolve to uproot the mental block that holds you back  and get out of your self-imposed mental restrictions. Every cloud has a silver lining.

 "Look! I’m making everything new.
Write it all down—each word dependable and accurate.”      
                             ........  Revelation 21:5(MSG)


Sri Sarada Yagna Prasadam, vol. 09,issue 05: May 2017.