Beautiful Beemapall mosque, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Beemapally Masjid,Thiruvananthapuram.
Beemapally Masjid,Thiruvananthapuram.

Beemapally, a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram (12 km from the main city), is famous for the mosque known as Beemapally Dargah Shareef where there is  the tomb of Syedunnisa Beema Beevi, a Muslim woman. who is believed to have divine mystic powers. Her son  Syedushuhadamaheen Abubacker was also entombed here.

Every year there is a popular festival held to venerate Beema Beevi  and it attracts thousands of pilgrims from all faiths and castes. 

Beemapally Masjid is an attractive and eye-catching building with its imposing fa├žade and soaring minarets. Beema Beevi is believed to have related  to the Prophet Mohammed’s family and no body knew how she got the amazing miraculous power to  cure people of all ailments. Her  close association with the Prophet Mohammed’s family had sanctified this Durgah and it is quite obvious, people of all faiths come to this holy place of veneration  for prayer and cure. 

Beemapally Masjid,

According to the Legand Cheraman Perumal  met Prophet Mohammed at Jeddah and attracted by his preachings, he became a convert to Islam and  changed his name to Thajuddin. He married the sister of the then King of Jeddah and settled down in Arabia. Before  his death, he handed over many letters to the king of Jeddah; they were addressed to several rulers of Kerala  requesting their their support in spreading the tenets of Islam in Kerala.

After Thajuddin’s death, the King of Jeddah visitedto Kerala and met the Rajah of Kodungalloor who helped him to alter the Arathali Temple into a Juma Masjid. This mosque was designed and built by Hindus based on their art and architecture. 

Next to Beemapally Mosque, are the graves of three renowned disciples who were intered there. Cheraman mosque is the first in India and the second in the world where the Juma prayers were started.

Beemapally Masjid

The annual Uroos (Chandanakudam Mahotsavam) of Beemapally Mosque is famous which attracts lots of pilgrims from all walks of life.  It marks the death anniversary of Beema Bheevi and the festival 

Beemapally Masjid,
starts on the first of Jama dul Akbar and continues for the next ten days. The celebration, as usual,  begins with the hoisting of the customary flag of the mosque in front of the elders and other devotees. The devotees carry money in pots which are adorned with flowers and incense sticks.The pot is covered with sandal paste which is why the festival is called Chandanakudam (sandal pot). On the final day of Chandanakudam Mahotsavam, a flag from Beema Beevi’s grave is taken; it is followed by a grand procession with caparisoned elephants and to the accompaniment of the music of the panchavadyam (five instruments).