Desire and motivation impact Working environment

Many people don't know how to link themselves with their desires, passions, and major life interests. Confused as they are, they finally give it up or become burned out. Because they don't know how to  move forward,  bring out their new ideas and connect with the world,  their special talents and novel ideas  go past unnoticed.  If you're groping in the dark,  laking motivation try the following simple tips. They may be of some help to you.

 01. New Ideas: When trying new ideas you brain is exposed to new stuff and  is busy making  some comparison  and contrast. This may help you develop a new direction  and interest. When you have a new friend your brain goes overtime and gives you all kinds of ideas about the new friend . Like wise,  about a new project or any thing you try for the first time, your  brain does some experiments.  From them you can refine yourself  based on clarity and desire ' 

 02. Fear Psychosis:  Fear is a road block in every body's life and it is universal. To overcome fear  you have to help yourself and must face it head on and  there is  no excuse for it. The more encounters you make, the more mental strength you gain, the less you may fear. Public speaking and facing interviews are  biggies in any body's life. Deliberately create the situations for you,  so that you can face them with confidence. People, who avoid fear  and stay in the comfort zone,  may have fewer friends and such people are not motivators. You ought to know failure and  rejections  are  normal parts of life. Fear can be overcome if you try hard and take interest in your self-improvements. You may fail in the  initial  stages as  do advocates and doctors  in  their  early  stages of  practise. One you cross the barrier, you will enjoy the fruits. So, master your irrational fears instead of letting them control you.


03. Give up useless obligation:  we are always obligated to some people close to us. Such obligation should be taken care of in a casual way. When some body drops in on you during your  quiet holidays, you have to tell them about your inability in a polite manner. Any obligation done under stress is not good. Like wise, in the name of obligation don't ever take the tasks of others upon you and as you know the result is  zilch. Do not change your manners and behavior for the sake of others. You don't have to change your attitude or work  ethics to  suite your boss  or others and if you do so, positively, you will lose your individuality. So, don’t feel obligated to adapt your behavior to satisfy other people’s  unwanted  expectations.

 04  Art of disconnecting:Completely disconnecting from your old routine and mundane  work and  wandering  in different areas other than routine works is good for your mind and body. When you are out camping or hiking a trail,  you just shut your busy mind off  and focus  on  the  recreation. Physically and mentally it will help you a long way. A long respite means long rest. Similarly, when you're in the middle of some financial  burden or  busy office work, your clarity and motivation are the causalities.  In such a tight situation, a nice vacation is a good bet. When you come back to work,  you'll fell afreshrejuvenated and  highly motivated.  It is something like a coiled spring surging with full of energy and high spirits. Well, if you have a financial crunch, old bicycle is a good companion or just hike in the nearby wooded area.  

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05.See-saw moods: Our moods keep changing just like waxing and waning of the moon. When you're on a project,  your mood must be under check,  then only  there will be  clarity that will show you how to take your project forward on a clear path without roadblocks.  Forcing yourself to move forward when clarity is lacking can be very counter productive. When facing  blues, just get of your area of activity and do other works, such as house cleaning, gardening, some kind of social gathering, etc. Earning money, meeting dead lines are part of our lives, however, if you're stuck in one place, usable to go forward on account of your prevailing mood, just explore other areas. After a break, when you get back, you will surprisingly see good results.


06. Do not brood:  As mentioned earlier, failure is part of life and  every failure is a  stepping stone and  is a  new lesson to us. The moot problem is many people talk about their past pitfalls. Need not worry,  successful people who are now at the summit, would have crossed so many pitfalls and giant crevasses.

When you make a fall, you should get up as if nothing had happened. All successful people have this gritty attitude which marks them out among million people.