Nurmahal Serai, traveller's inn - Mogul period

Nurmahal Sarai Gateway,

Serai Nurmahal or Mughal Serai is a structure  of historical importance located at Nurmahal, near Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

Nurmahal Sarai Gateway, Punjab,Ports of Call - blogger

During the Mogul period much importance was given to construction of buildings, roads lined with trees, water wells  and other infra structure for the people, as the economy was gradually on the increase. Trade and commerce developed well and there was political stability. Resting places / inns  for travellers called Serais were constructed  on orders from Noor Jahan, wife of Mogul ruler Jehangir  under the supervision of Zakariya Khan in 1618 AD, then Governor of the Doab ( a region in Pujab).  Nurmahal got its name from Noor Jahan, who is said to have been brought up here. The serais were of great help to the travellers who would form a group to travel to far off places.

Nurmahal Sarai Gateway,
Nurmahal is about 16 miles south of Jalandhar, 25 miles east south-east of Sultanpur. On a site measuring 551 square feet, the Serai was built with  octagonal towers at the corners. The western gateway, known as  Lahore gate is a  double-storied structure made of  red sand stone. Its front is divided into panels containing ornamental sculptures with various images  of angels, lotuses, nymphs, lions, elephants, birds, men on horseback, etc.  According to the inscription during the just rule of Jahangir Shah, son of Akbar Shah, the Nur Saray was founded in the district of Phalor by command of that angel, Nur Jahan Begam in 1028. The serai had lots of rooms, emperor quarters, a water well and a mosque. At that point of time, "Serai Noor Mahal" was an important and famous edifice  It  is  believed to be  the only known monument in Jalandhar city. Emperor made a mention about this serai in his memoirs.