Prag Mahal, designed by Henry Wilkins for Raja Rao Pragmalji, Bhuj

Prag Mahal,Bhuj,
Bhuj city in Gujarat has many attractions The majestic building close to Aina Mahal- the hall of mirrors is known as the Prag Mahal, a 19th-century palace.

Named after Rao Pragmalji II, who commissioned it
designed by Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins in the Italian Gothic style In order to maintain the authenticity Italian-Gothic style, he specially employed Italian artisans. As planned, the work began in  1865. The cost of Construction of the palace  was Rs. 3.1 million and the Italian workers' wages were paid in gold coins, so were  the palace artisans'.Th construction work was completed in 1879 during the regency of Khengarji III (Pragmalji II's son) following Pragmalji II's death in 1875.[The local Kutchi builder community (Mistris of Kutch) were also involved in construction of Prag Mahal along with Colonel Wilkins tactically used the local talents in the construction work - local Kutchi builder community (Mistris of Kutch).

Prag Mahal and the clock tower. TripAdvisor

The following are the note-worthy features: Italian marble and sandstone from Rajasthan were used for the construction work. Corinthian pillars.The Durbar hall has beautiful classical statues and chandeliers, a nicely built temple
in the courtyard behind the palace. The palace has a striking feature, a 45 foot tall elegant clock tower that has a whole view of Bhuj city. 

Interior, Prag Mahal, Bhuj TripAdvisor

In 2001 eartquake much of the palace was damaged. On top of it the local thieves stole antiques worth in millions of rupees. Thanks to people like Bollywood actor Amitabh Bacchan who initiated steps to repair and restore  the Clock tower and other parts of the place.

People are visiting the tower, however, the palace building is still in a dilapidated condition.