Tomb of Islam Khan, Fatehpur Sikiri - a beautiful edifice

Tomb of Islam Khan,Fatehpur Sikiri.Maps of India

Fatehpur Sikiri, near Agra is internationally known for some of the best Islamic monuments of grandeur and beauty, dating back to the Mogul period. The tomb of Islam Khan is not a grand one, but artistically and architecturally it is  awe-inspiring .
Tomb of Islam Khan/jamaat khana.Wikimedia Commons
Tomb of Islam Khan,Fatehpur Sikiri. Wikimedia Commons 

This is the tomb of the General of the Mogul army Islam Khan who happened to be the grandson of the great Sufi Saint Salim Chisti. The Tomb of Islam Khan originally served as  as the Jamaat Khana or common religious house for the most distinguished disciples of Sheikh Salim. Islam Khan's  body was laid to rest inside the Jama Masjid courtyard by Emperor Jahangir in the year 1613 AD. Sheikh's  ardent followers were buried here and there 24 graves in the courtyard. 

stone screen, Tomb of Islam Khan, Fatehpur Sikiri.

The tomb is an interesting structure made of red sandstone and is encircled by nicely perforated stone screens partly open to the front. The one meter high platform  is enclosed with an arcaded veranda and each  facade has seven bays. Entrance to the courtyard is through the beautifully carved door in the middle of the central facade. The tomb of Islam Khan is in the  central octagonal chamber. It is surrounded by a large dome followed by 36 small domed kiosks. There is an archway between Sheikh Salim's tomb and the Jamaat Khana.  It has a dark suite of rooms, known as Zanana Rauza or women's Tomb. Sheikh Salim lived here for a while. Whenever women sought his audience, they could use an underground doorway in the northern wall to reach him.

This historical tomb is s situated to the east of Sheikh Salim's tomb inside Jama Masjid Complex, Fatehpur Sikiri which is just one km from the railway station.