Old Guest Houses of Bobbili, Andhra - vestiges of past glory

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The Bobbili Rajas, during their height of glory  were generous to their subjects and had several visiting dignitaries to their small kingdom. Never had they failed to shower their hospitality on them and they  built many a palaces with a view to entertaining their guests. The Raj Mahal, also known as the 

Chikkavaram Guest House, is one such palace. It is situated in a quiet place on the outskirts of the town  It was built in 1888 by Maharaja Venkata Swetha Chalapati Ranga Rao.
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The Bobbili Guest House  built in 1920 in the middle of a vast garden by the Raja of Bobbili was originally a wedding gift to his  beloved son. Designed as a recreational resort for fun and relaxation, the building has many recreational facilities to suite royal indulgence. It has separate servant quarters and a a spacious kitchen good enough to prepare lavish and sumptuous food for the visiting honourable guests. The four minarets and the central dome of the Guest House form a prominent landmark in this old town and nobody can miss them.

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The Perla Vari home built in 1895  is not only well preserved but also the first one to have  electricity in the region. Considered as one of the oldest buildings in this city,  the  master bedroom in this  house has a silver plated bed.  The guest house has a functional library. The main hall is adorned with beautiful chandeliers and nice  furniture brought from Europe  and also numerous artifacts collected from all over the world.