The Maharajah college, Vijayanagaram - second oldest collge in Madras Presidency!!

Maharjah's college, Vijayanagaram.

Before the advent of the British, a traditional system of education called  Gurukulam was being followed in India. The early education of young students began under the supervision of a Guru (Principal teacher) in  such traditional schools  that were supported by public donation. They were the earliest forms of public schools. Unfortunately,  Gurukulams  took care of the educational needs of the Upper castes in the Indian society. Consequently,  the overwhelming masses had no access to any formal education. This disparity remained unchecked for a pretty long time.  In the colonial era, the Grurukulam  system had begun to decline as the system introduced by the British became popular.  Between 1881–82 and 1946–47, there was an upward mobility of primary schools that grew from 82,916 to 134,866 and the number of students in English Schools grew from 2,061,541 to 10,525,943. As for literacy rates in India, according to the British survey, it rose from
3.2 per cent in 1881 to 7.2 per cent in 1931 and 
12.2 per cent in 1947. The Maharajah college in Vijayanagaram was founded by the princely family with a view to making primary education affordable to the common people of this region.

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The Maharajah college, Vijayanagaram has the unique distinction of being the second oldest Degree College in the Composite Madras Presidency (State), covering the entire South India dating back to 1857. Founded  by Sri. Vijayarama Gajapathi Raju-III, the then Maharajah of Vijayanagaram Princely state as a middle school with a view to promoting  modern western education in this region, it  became a High School in 1868 and later  upgraded to a college in 1879. The college was a popular one in those days and a galaxy of eminent people passed out from the portals of this historic educational institution. Right from its inception, the college  has been serving the needs  of economically poor people without compromising on its principles - giving quality education regardless of caste, creed and religion. 
The college came under the aegis of MANSAS, 
the brainchild of Rajasaheb Dr. P.V.G. Raju in 1959. The purpose of this organization is to make comprehensive education available to the common man so that students, graduating from this hallowed institution, will serve the society well, using the experience gained in the college.  The centenary celebrations of the college were held in 1971 and  the then President of India V. V.Giri, presided over the functions. Since 1995 Dr. P. V. G. Rajus's sons are running the institution with better care and devotion, befitting the prestige of the rulers of Vijayanagaram. 

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The popularity of this college has not yet diminished and, now, it has grown into a big educational institution, offering a variety of courses to suite students' interests.