Funny quotes & humor - 49

 Trials and failures:

''  'Trials and failures' without them, man can not think, evolve, grow and achieve success. They are like stepping stones and man needs discretion and patience to  use them carefully to see the light at the end of the dark cavern".

 Prejudicial mind:
"In any matter or in any profession, prejudicial mind is a negative factor and  that blocks the access to  right judgment or decision. In politics, it  is a contagious disease and will never see correct approach of the opposition party.  In the court of judiciary, it will set a bad precedence and, at stake, will be fair justice'.

"  'Pain' caused by a barrage of insults and insinuations will leave lasting scare on the mind, more painful than physical abuse. One undeniable thing about pain is it can never be won by another pain". But do not let the pain ruin the happiness in you".
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If the Court judgment is biased:

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"  'If the Court judgement is biased and one-sided', the argument from both parties will be quite noisy,  resulting in a barrage of accusations and counter accusations. Stand exposed  and unprotected from injustice are the innocent victims; without fair justice  no solution is in sight".

Abode of devil:
"  'The Abode of  Devil'  is  scourge's heart.  So is the heart of a racist or terrorist who has neither scruples nor  remorse for the victims".
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 "  'Holiday' is a voluntary change of person  and  is a great opportunity of remaking oneself in one's own image. It is nothing but a change of persona; one seeks to be  what one is not. A corporate manager may become a wood man or a farm hand may become a city slicker".

Weather cock and monkey:


"Human mind, if it lacks discipline, is prone to changing every now and then like weather cock in the heavy wind. But the worse form of instability is letting our mind jump from tree to another like a monkey. When our Indian politicians form a coalition government either at the state or central level, they let their mind wander in the wilderness until they settle on a fair and secure deal with those in power that will safeguard their family fortune for a few generations". 

Spider monkey jump. Sensor Tower