Why is Winston Churchill, the racist British leader despised by Indians and other people?

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If you take the British India political history, Winston Churchill ( Prime Minister, United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955)  was the most despised politician whose wild mouth never closed  for the day without spewing venom on Indians and the people. Knowing well British economy was dependent on Indian resources , he was against giving freedom to India. He delayed India's independence and the disunity among the Hindus and Muslims was to his advantage. 
"Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles.

The statement above is attributed to Churchill. I cannot find it, as a speech or in a book. Although it is widely and increasingly quoted in the Indian press and, given what is happening, he seems to have been prophetic! — K.P. India (https://richardlangworth.com/indiarascals)

No other western leader, particularly in the English speaking world, is  more projected, hyped  and eulogized as the greatest leader of the 20th century than Winston Churchill, the one time war prime minister of Great Britain. As far back as 2002, he joined a  galaxy of great people like Shakespeare, Darwin and Brunel  and  voted posthumously as the greatest ever Briton. The 50th anniversary  of the death of Winston Churchill was celebrated in England with great publicity in the recent past.  Because of wide coverage of him by the western Media, perhaps for wrong reason, it is a fact that he still   retains his aura (many people call it a mere "myth")  about him and many Britons regard  him as the greatest war leader and savior of the honor of the British Empire from the powerful Nazi Army of Germany.  The  paradox is many historians and media people regard him as an abominable controversial personality, a man with every conceivable affectation. To some, he is an enigma, surrounded by riddles of contradictions with which he lived till his death.
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There was so much hype about Churchill being a British bully as some beloved English bulldog. No doubt, through his speeches on war during WWII he boosted the morale of the British when Hitler with his Nazi Army had  a run on  Europe and was at the point of tightening his vice-like grip on the already shaken-up Britain.
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 Churchill's peevishness and bitterness toward 
Indian is quite well known. Who will forget his well-documented bigotry, articulated often with glee and  contempt. "I hate Indians," he once trumpeted. "They are a beastly people with a beastly religion."  (Vide: the Leo Amery diaries; September 1942). Infamously, when conscientious British officials from  Delhi sent a telegram to Churchill about the unabated famine and tragedy in Bengal, he peevishly  scribbled on the file,"why Gandhi had not died yet?  (vide Leo Amery diaries; Sept. 1942). On Churchill's interference  170,000 tons of Australian wheat bypassed starving NE India - destined not for consumption but for storage to be used by Europeans. Churchill's mismanagement and racist tendency resulted in the worst human tragedy in Bengal. Half of the causalities could have been saved had proper care been taken on time. This "I don't care a fig" attitude of Churchill resulted in the painful death of 3 million plus Indians because they (to him) happened to be  so called "inferior race"Churchill, with sarcasm, put the blame on Indians for the famine, claiming they "breed like rabbits". To many outside the Western world, he remains a  down-to-earth racist and a never-compromising  imperialist thriving on the economy of the colonies that kept the British economy in good nick. He did not leave the Palestinians either, His lousy remarks on  Palestinians as "barbaric hordes who ate little but camel dung" exposes his immaturity,  loathing and hatred for other races. Churchill hated Gandhiji and his non-cooperation movements. He described Gandhiji  as "half-naked seditious fakir," When there were so many mature  intellectual and far superior political leaders in the UK, how come the knowledgeable British people rest the laurels on one man -  a conservative  British politician of yore Churchill, a despicable character   who openly practiced racism and  waged his tongue so wildly  as to hurt other races and individuals.
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Such unwanted, arrogant and vile remarks on Indian and other races  showed him in bad light. In reality, he did not achieve not even  one tenth of what an average British leader of his time had achieved. His gift of the gab, choice words and diction and blunt talking stood him in good stead and gave him  an extra attention. The truth is he was a man of more words than a politician of less action. 

His oratory and excellent writing skills hid his  inefficiency,  self doubting and poor administrative skill. You can not bully your colleagues using your debating skill  and force them to  swallow any non-sense you talk and yet  admire you. His domineering personality, lack of tolerance and response to others' opinion went against him. Hence, he remained  chest-deep mired in controversy till his last days.  That his moral courage and patriotic spirit helped his nation go past the tumultuous World War II period is a myth.  The appeal in his name  has 
no sheen or something tempting to invoke respect. Nor do his hundreds of quotes on perseverance, courage, etc. which  are all just made up, plain spurious. Yet another myth is Churchill withstood Nazism for good and saved the western  liberal democracy from its free fall, The Time magazine in Jan. 2, 1950 issue  hailed the British leader as the "man of the half century".

Nazi's  advanced war machines  and far superior Air force and Navy gave Churchill nightmares and heartburn and made him  jittery to the point of losing his undergarments. It is true his patriotic zeal during the war time is not questionable. The credit goes to the Americans and to a great extent to the Russians and at that crucial period  all Churchill did was played a second fiddle and had a picture taken with charismatic President Roosevelt  and dynamic Russian President Stalin. Many people may not be aware that it was the  valiant Indian Army that gave extra support to the British Army  to prop up its extra energy.  The timely intervention of America  in WW II with better war weapons and Navy and the unexpected  German Army's fiasco against the powerful  Russian Army in Russia during the harsh winter gave Churchill the needed break, good enough to keep his drenched head above the water and this timely luck fell in line with his famous speech and quotes. The dame luck smiled on Churchill and saved his battered ego. 

To the western media: "It was a victory shaped by the steeliness of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the moral fiber of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the awesome power of an atomic bomb. In the Russian war theater, the story is different. 
"Starting in 1941, the Soviet Union bore the brunt of the Nazi war machine and played perhaps the most important role in the Allies' defeat of Hitler. By one calculation, for every single American soldier killed fighting the Germans, 80 Soviet soldiers died doing the same....................By 1943, the Soviet Union had already lost some 5 million soldiers and two-thirds of its industrial capacity to the Nazi advance. That it was yet able to turn back the German invasion is testament to the courage of the Soviet war effort. But it came at a shocking price. Americans on their part used their powerful Air Force and Navy diligently in the west European war front. 
(vide: https://www. independent.co.uk/news/world/the-soviet-union-helped-save-the-world-from-hitler-a7020926.html)
The presence of the bust of Churchill, a well-known racist  in the White House in Washington obviously created  waves and strong criticism on both sides of the Atlantic. President Trump's political gimmick has won him more spat than admiration. Keeping the bust of Churchill in the "White House" that was once occupied by great men like  Abe Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama is a sad news for the Americans. To him  "India was a "godless land of snobs and bores". If Churchill were the American President, beefing, whinging and  churning out gaffes, his political fate would have been much worse than former US President of "Water Gate Scandal" fame Richard Nixon (Tricky Dick) who openly lied to the NBC audience in the 1970s: " I am not a crook".
The dark side of Winston Churchill’s legacy no one should forget By Ishaan Tharoor February 3, 2015