Amazing Nyay Mandir, Vadadora - designed by British architect Robert Chisholm

Nyay Mandir
Panoramic view of Chimnabai Nyay Mandir vadodara-baroda.cit
The Nyay Mandir in Baroda (Vadadora),Gujarat meaning Temple of Justice, is a beautiful piece of architecture quite similar to Byzantine architecture,  it was the creation of  the famous British architect Robert Chisholm who also designed the Napier Museum building in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala and the impressive Madras Senate Building in Chennai on the Marina. This building that houses the District Court of Vadodara was built by the ruler of Baroda Maharajah Sayajirao Gaekwad III for  his lovely Maharani Chimnabai whose statue is in the central hall of the building. His Highness  Gaekwadji III, when laying the foundation stone for ‘The Maharani Chimnabai Market’ in memory of his queen, " I wish to commemorate the virtues of Her Late Highness and the admiration I entertained for her-the mild, charitable, amiable woman, the devoted mother and loving wife".

Because of lack of maintenance and negligence, this beautiful edifice became a victim of the vagaries of nature and time and had begun to lose is sheen and beauty.  Parts of the historical building were damaged and yellow Italian marble tiles on its exterior started to come off at some places. Wall plastering, in some places, began to peel off. The window grills and galleries  were damaged. At one point of time restoration of this European - styled building became a necessity to save this old structure from destruction beyond resumption. Thanks to the state government's efforts to save a heritage building. In 2014 the Vadadora Municipal corporation took a decision  to hand over the building to the Road and building department to carry on the necessary repair work, etc. The R and B department, on orders from the government  swang into action. According to the engineers in the department the restoration work of this building coincided with the golden jubilee celebration of Gujarat's statehood. It was to be done with meticulous care under the direction of restoration experts. The building was to be cleaned and repaired initially followed by restoration work, matching the old features without affecting its old charm and heritage value.  The people of Vadadora wanted to see Nyay Madir with its regained charm and old splendour. Last year  in August (2017) the courts were asked to move out to a new complex in Diwalipura. The new court complex, built at the cost of Rs 130.73 crore, is spread over 55,000 square metre land and it has the capacity to house 76 courts.

The Vadadora Municipal corporation has a plan to convert the Nyay mandir into a fine museum. It is located near Susagar Lake. Originally built as a Vegetable Market building, subsequently it became a Town Hall. After a lapse of some period, the Judicial Courts moved into this buiiding. Its original name was
Chimnabai Nyay mandir.