Odathil Palli, a Hindu-style mosque in Thalassery, Kerala

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Odathil Palli is a unique mosque  about half a kilo meter from  Thalassery  Fort in the  district of Kannur, Kerala.  The city along with the surrounding area was once a Dutch  settlement, one of a rare kind on the coastal Kerala. The 212  plus year old mosque was built in  1806  in a traditional Hindu temple style architecture. When the political scenario changed in this part, the British took over this place from the Dutch. Odhathil Palli was once part of the tea Garden owned by the Dutch. 

Moosakaka, a wealthy pepper merchant, hailing from Keyi family of this place, was not only a good trader but also won the friendship of the British as his business dealings were honest and  trust-worthy. As he happened to be their  "Commission Agent"  the EIC wanted to give him a gift  for his integrity. Moosakakaka  requested them to give the Dutch  sugar garden. Moosakaka, refusing to accept it free, bought it for a nominal price. Under his efforts, a mosque came up in the midst of sugarcane plantations - Karinbin odum once owned by the Dutch. The Maharajah of Travancore gifted the wood and sent men in an odum (boat). Further,  while building the mosque , the construction materials had to be brought to the spot by boat. In Malayalam  Odum means boat and
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Palli means mosque. Hence, the mosque is known as Odathil Palli. In the Kabaristan, only dead bodies of Keyi family members are buried. However, Muslims can go there and offer prayers This

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 old mosque is  also known as  Garden Mosque, one of the oldest in Kerala. The mosque reflects the influence of the local architecture and design. Hence, the mosque looks almost like a Hindu temple. With no minarets and dome, typical of Mogul style, this unique and impressive mosque has slanted roof covered with copper sheets and gold sheet near the crown. It is made of wood locally available and the study beams and the inner ceilings have nice carvings done by local people. This place of Muslim worship has a unique aura no body can miss. This being due to the design style of the mosque blending with the local culture. This is the reason why  the places of worships in Kerala, be they churches, mosques or temples stand apart from others. They do not copy other designs, rather, they design them relevant to their place of living and age old tradition