Jaunpur Raja's residence, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

Residence of Raja of Jaunpur, UP. facebook.com
Residence of Raja of Jaunpur, UP. facebook.com
Above image; The residence of the Raja of Jaunpur. The Brahmin family members in the past were in banking business and  they took care of the financial needs of the Nawab when he fell short of funds. Details about this building, date of construction, year, total plinth area, etc.,   are quite vague. Perhaps, my search in the Google was not good enough. Basically, the design follows the style of Rajasthan with chhatris gently fused with Music architecture. Except flanks on either side in the facade, it is a two - story structure and at both  extremes there are four floors with three balconies. The rooms are not big and the first floor room has a small roofed balcony on either side. The 4th floor rooms  are arched topped by a dome-shaped pavilion. The center of the building also has 4 floors. The room is fairly big and the top floor is arched above which stands a big dome. The big central dome is characteristic of four  chhatris at four corners, besides a fifth one atop the dome.  This gives a better look to the building. In the front, both in the ground and first floors the roof is supported by 4 arches on either side. The porch is just projecting out at the center  and does not have any structure above it....................... 
Jaunpur city map, Uttar Pradesh. Maps of India
The title of Jaunpur is held by a Brahmin family who owned a vast estate in the past. Shiv Lal Dube was born in 1776 at  Amauli Fatehpur to a rich banker Moti Lal Dube. Shiv Lal, besides regular education also learned the intricacies of business from his father and at one point of time, he  became well-versed  in business dealings. Along with his stature, his popularity also grew and he became a banker to the Nawab Kalb  Ali Baig who is believed to have formed the city of Jaunpur. Shiv Lal took over his father's entire business  after  his demise. He ran the banking business efficiently and there was no person in the business community who did not have contact with Shiv Lal. His good business administration,  effective service and business acumen not only won him admiration, but also got him wide recognition. He was bestowed with the title Raja Bahadur in 1797, besides getting the Taluk of Badlpur.  Both the title and the estate were heriditary in nature as per the award.  When he died in 1836, he took the honor of being  the largest estate owner in that region, including Jaunpur. 

Jaunpur Raja's residence, Jaunpur, UP.jaunpurcity.in/
Raja Ram Gulam  received the title and property after Shivlal's death. His son Raj Bal Dutt was not his legal heir for unknown reason. When Raja Ram Gulam unexpectedly died in 1843, his father Raja Bal Dutt got  the title and the estate from his son. After his death, his second son Raja Lachamn Gulam became the legal owner of the estate and title.The estate and title passed  down to several generations.  Presently  Avaindira Dutt owns the property and title.