Sir Winston Churchill, a "hardcore racist" with conservative bark and bite!!

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To a cross section of conservative people in the West, Churchill was the saviour of Western liberal democracy who sternly drove Nazism to the wall and finally wiped out the evil forces under Hitler. In its issue of January 2, 1950 "Time" magazine  hailed the British  Conservative leader as the  "man of the half century", the man who launched "lifeboats". The Western world knows the bright side of Churchill dominated by speeches, wise quotes and aura. Little do they know about the dark side of his life though he carried a plethora of eulogies about him and his wartime leadership which the western media showered on him and to prop up his image. His crime against humanity and his open racist approach and remarks were purposely ignored by many British Media and, no doubt, Churchill always hogged the limelight. So, the British could see one side of Churchill, the other side of him is just horrible, obnoxious and sickening.

To the liberal West and  countless people out side of West, Churchill remains an enigma, a despicable  racist on the wrong side of world history.  Fame and name were thrust upon this man whose only asset was to give fine speeches and hold the audience in thrall.

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Any way, even today to the British, he is an embodiment of British character, a symbol of triumph in the face of tough odds. Churchill was posthumously voted by his countrymen as the greatest Briton. February 2015 marked  half a century since his  death and on that occasion, there were  many paeans and commemorations to the man, who was purported to have saved the world from the apocalypse - chaos caused by devilish Hitler.  The truth is  British wrongly think of him as a Savior of the world from the clutches of Nazism. Little did they know, it was the timely intervention of the Americans and the German Army's fiasco in Russia in the Winter season ended the WW II in favor of allied forces. Stoically the huge Indian Army played a crucial role on the side of the British. The British government and many British media failed to present the true picture of Winston Churchill whose arrogance, ego and over
confidence took the world to the end of exasperation during WWII.

The following are some of his unpalatable racial remarks:
01. Churchill  was a well-known India-baiter.  His  well-documented bigotry often spewing venom and contempt for Indian is well-known to his biographers. Unashamedly with with shocking callousness  Churchill said, "I hate Indians,". Once  he openly declared about Indians,  "They are a beastly people with a beastly religion."

02. Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command. Colville’s diary entry of 23 February 1945 records Churchill’s thoughts about the Hindus:  The PM said, "The Hindus were a foul race protected by their mere pullulation from the doom that is their due” and he wished Bert Harris could send some of his surplus bombers to destroy them. (

03. When Bengal and parts of other Indian states were reeling under the worst famine in 1943, partly caused by failure of monsoon, pest attack, etc. he wantonly turned the famine into a big calamity that insulted in the death of a few million people. When honest and efficient British India officials in Delhi wanted to import food grains to India, to rub salt on the wounds, Churchill  diverted the  cargo ship at Calcutta harbor  laden with food grains from Australia to Europe and made a carping remark in his reply to the officials in Delhi, If food is so scarce, "why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”

04. When the Bengal famine became a serious issue to be debated  in the British  parliament, Churchill made a disgusting comment,  “Famine or no famine, Indians will breed like rabbits.” Such preposterous statements were not worthy of a British leader of good standing. 

05. While he was a junior member of parliament, Churchill  wanted to have more conquests as he was a true believer of British colonialism and insisted  that its "Aryan stock is bound to triumph."Here he implies the superiority of the "White race".

06. With respect to Palestinians, Churchill considered them as   "barbaric hordes who ate little but camel dung." it is nothing but a nauseating comment on the part of Winston whose wild tongue had a more poisonous sting than that of the Portuguese man o' war (Siphonophore) floating in the sea - a nightmare for the swimmers.

07. In the earlier days of his overseas  imperial career,  when putting down insurgents in Sudan, Churchill was boasting about his courage and wisdom in killing three "savages."( meaning Sudanese blacks).

08. To put down the restive people in NW Asia, Churchill resented the hesitation on the part of his colleagues, who were not in "favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes." Here, Churchill meant he would never feel nervous or scrupulous to kill the uncivilized denizens of this region by using life-threatening chemicals.

09. When it comes to races, Churchill was never color-blinded.  He was on a visit to the US: President Roosevelt, at a White House lunch, placed Churchill next to the publisher and ardent campaigner for India’s independence, Mrs Ogden Reid, and sat back awaiting the inevitable explosion. Mrs. Ogden Reid: “What are you going to do about those wretched Indians?”

Churchill: “Before we proceed further let us get one thing clear. Are we talking about the brown Indians in India, who have multiplied alarmingly under the benevolent British rule? Or are we speaking of the  red Indians in America who, I understand, are almost extinct?” —1943 (

10. Churchill is one of the few Conservative British politicians who hated  the Indian independence movement. Never had he failed to show his animosity toward its spiritual leader, Mahatma Gandhi, whom he described as "half-naked seditious fakir".  

11. Mahatma Gandhi was in London from September 12 to December 5, 1931 to attend the second Round table Conference. He stayed at Kingsley Hall and used an office at 88 Knights bridge  during this visit. Around the same time,  future prime minister Winston Churchill (1940-1945 and 1951-1955) shockingly described Gandhi thus: "It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr Gandhi, a seditious middle temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the east, striding half-naked up the steps of the viceregal palace, while he is still organising and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with the representative of the king emperor."

.Mahatma Gandhi by Jacob Kramer.

Above image: Portrait of Gandhiji by Ukraine born Jacob Kramer, 1931. Place: Kingsley Hall, London. The image is made with black and white chalk on buff paper. It shows the apostle of non-violence smiling mischievously, perhaps portending the fall of the British Empire in the later years...............

12. It seems that  Winston Churchill's "seditious fakir" comment during his wilderness years has close connection with an  occasion when Mahatma Gandhi posed for portraits at Kingsley Hall in London. The artist was one Jacob Kramer (native of Ukraine). He was allotted a day during that period Kramer is said to have made three or four drawings of the Mahatma. Kramer's  impressions were published in the Yorkshire Post on January 31, 1948, after Gandhi's assassination in Delhi. Kramer's portrait of Gandhiji  became quite popular. 

13. Churchill once remarked that  Political enemies such as certain Indian tribes (meaning Pathans), Germans,  Russians and others need to be treated with  chemical  weapons.

14. He was of the opinion that Indians had neither competence nor ability to rule their own  land. They belonged to an inferior race and had to be civilized and further mentioned that it was the moral duty of the British to civilize these people. 

15. He never cared a fig for the plight of million of poor Indians who had to live hand to mouth life. Nor did he sympathise with those dying and starving for many reasons. 

16. Never had he failed to use brute forces in many countries when they protested against the British. 

17. During the chaotic Angelo-Afghan war, he saw for himself the treacherous Pathan tribes fighting against the British forces. He made some unsavoury remarks that such uncivilised barbarous tribes need to be bombed. 

18. His complaint that the  Irish refused to be British is quite well-known. He was a hardcore colonist and wanted many countries under the Crown - Britain, a country of Pure White race (?).
Indian politician, orator and  writer of repute Shashi Tharoor has observed about Churchill, an unabashed imperialist.  “This is the man who the British insist on hailing as some apostle of freedom and democracy, when to my mind he is really one of the more evil rulers of the 20th century, only fit to stand in the company of the likes of Hitler, Mao and Stalin”