Historical Solah Khamba Masjid, Bidar, Karnataka - largest Muslim structure

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Solah Masjid or the Zenani Masjid or the sixteen-columned prayer hall, in Bidar is a well-known tourist destination.  Built in 1423 AD by  Qubil Sultani Prince Muhammad before shifting the capital to Bidar, this  mosque is said to be the  largest in India and the oldest Muslim structure in Bidar. This mosque is steeped in Islamic history as we learn that the Mogul ruler  Aurangzeb, after the conquest of Bidar, held prayers in the mosque  here to decree Mogul  sovereignty. The gate opposite to the royal baths leads to the gardens of the old Lal Bagh and the ladies apartments - Zanana. Once this big garden had interesting  water fountains and a series of water cascades, but now we are left with only remnants. Once you get to the top you will get a vista of the serene and panoramic surroundings  around the old structure.
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The mosque has a large prayer hall divided into a large number of aisles by massive circular columns, the central one towards the western end being more spacious. Here, the faithfuls can do their Namaz comfortably as the hall is large. Yet another advantage is since the structure has a covered corridor all around, inside the mosque it is cool and in the summer time one can pray without sweating it out.  The roof is  topped by a majestic dome of fine shape, raised on a high clerestory with lattice -type windows with perforated screen-work in different geometrical patterns.  A parapet of beautiful designs above the imposing arcade adds to its beauty. This impressive structure is a good example of the second phase of Deccani style. Solah Khamba Mosque is also known as the Zanana Masjid, This mosque is about 90 metres long and 24 metres wide. Behind the southern wall of this mosque, there is a large well. The massive structure has 16 pillars made of granite with lime mortar. Actually, it means  the mosque has 16 gates  to enter and they are resting on 15  Columns.
The mosque  is located 2.8 kilometres from the Bidar railway station and is inside the  historical Bidar fort. https://www.ixigo.com/solah-khamba-mosque-bidar-india-ne-1702108