Funny quotes and humor 53

 Heaven and hell:
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'' Heaven: Where the 'Angeles'  serve the the victims of despotic politicians, loan sharks and unruly wives.

Hell: Where the 'Devils' are busy  giving a fire bath to tricky politicians, corrupt officials, religious preachers who did not practice what they had preached on earth and men who practised  polygamy''.
Politicians' divide and rule policy:

Redefining the Sacred

'' 'God' caused the creation of the universe,
The 'providence'  was in charge of destiny.
The providence made the country  choose the King
'King' made the country safe and prosperous,
'Men and women' made the families happy
They made made the town livable and lovable,
Their 'Children' made the home paradise, a heaven on earth

Alas! 'politicians are keen to see to it the happy people are divided
on various lines - caste, color, religion, etc.

They have unashamedly poked their nose in every thing
and made the Earth a hell hole of everything not good and mayhem''.
Politician's and 'concubines'.
Satish Acharya - Blogger
 "A drunk on the sidewalk went philosophical; he said:
There is no difference between 'politicians' and 'concubines'.
They never fail to speak the same language and change partners depending on the situation and demand''.
Satish Acharya
Politician and his wishes:
Politicins hunting for votes. FunOnTheNe
''Indian politicians have a lasting taste for  three wishes that make their political life a success. Those who handle them carefully emerge victorious. 'Those three stuffs are :  ....  Leadership and power,  adulation and second fiddle from his gullible followers and public scams and scandals to improve their public image''.