Quotes for life -14


One man's Funnies
01. "Evey one has his own unsatisfied desires that stay with him like his shadow till he reaches the grave".

02. "Nothing is permanent in this world including fame and fortune that are in transit"
03. "Two things are more painful  than the sting of a wasp: open rebuke and betrayal"
Authentically Wired

04. ''When Lady-Luck smiles on a man, nothing can stop him; if he buys a rooster in the bazaar, you won't be surprised if it lays eggs for him''.

05. ''If you want to resurrect the sleeping ghost in the graveyard, it is very simple. All you have to do is recollect the past unpalatable events that'+ve bothered you a lot".

06. ''The world belongs to those committed people who do not make a compromise on their perseverance, hard work, integrity and ethics under any circumstances''

'07. 'Blissful life awaits those who are level-headed and quiet.
Blister-ful  life awaits those who are hot headed and arrogant''.


08. "Don't run away from trials and tribulations in your life and, no way, you can escape from them. They are just like breezes and heavy winds that keep the trees ever busy".

09. One thousand innocent men will be going to the gallows and face  'the noose or an ' Electric Chair' if a wrong man sits as a judge in the Honorable Court and passing judgement".