The Good Shepherd church, Kottayam - one of the nicest places of worship in Kerala

Among the Indian states, Kerala has a large Christian community of various denominations and is home to Orthodox  Syrian Christians. This state has countless churches built in the 18th and 19th centuries There are many Portuguese churches here as a small part of Malabar was once a Portuguese colony. Invariably all these old churches have distinctive style of design, a fusion of Indo- European style.
The Good Shepherd church,  Kottayam
The Good Shepherd church,  Kottayam in the southern state of Kerala, is among the old churches in this state, the oldest being seven and half churches built by Apostle St. Thomas himself  in 52 AD during his tour in this part. Constructed in the year, 1882, this church saw major renovation work in 1964 after a long hiatus. The restoration was done in such a way, there was no compromise on either to lose its heritage value or loss of old structural design.   Located behind the Civil Station, and close to the police ground in Kottayam, it has the distinction being an important church under  the Diocese of Vijayapuram.  Besides, it is considered one of the nicest churches in Kerala.

The Good Shepherd church,  Kottayam  Vijayapuram Diocese
Being a popular church, it has distinctive appearance as its  architecture is largely influenced by Italian designs, motiff and patterns. Visitors  to this church, once they leave this place, can not shake off their lingering feeling  caused by the rich structural design of this old church and its ambiance.  

The Good Shepherd church,  Kottayam  ixigo blog
The annual feast of Good Shepherd Church in Kottayam  from 10th to 12th April and feast of Saint Sebastian that is held every year on January 20th are significant major religious events attended by a large section of people from far and wide.   Good Shepherd has its own charm that is quite tempting, not because it is a beautiful church built in the colonial period,  not because it has hoary past, but because the altar is so so colorfully decorated with  flowers of various hues and an array of candles, its divinity is personified. Here, your problems and worries get melted away in this sanctified place under the Almighty's shadows.

Kottayam, being a busy city,  is connected with the rest of India  by train.  It can be easily accessed by highways from any part of Kerala and neighboring states Tamil nadu and Karnataka.