Sir Winston Churchill's Ten '' wrong'' commandments

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Sir Winston Churchill, the two time PM of Britain, a hardcore conservative politician, will live on  as one of the greatest men of the human race. Equally, he will remain well-known for his brashness, arrogance, racial superiority and utter disregard for human value and dignity. To cite an example his hatred for Gandhi, a half naked fakir, who directly sought the audience of King Emperor, wearing informal loin cloth, symbolic of poor Indian people who were pushed to a wretched state by the British during the colonial period. 

The fact is countless people in the UK never liked either his ballyhooed  war time leadership  and oratorical skill  or his crass regard for the British labor class and other people in the lower strata of the society.  Suffice to say, people who are actually familiar with Churchill, completely hate his guts bordering on snobbery and insolence.

Churchill's ten ''wrong'' commandments:
01. Survival of British  Imperialism  at any cost: Britain should remain a colonial superpower as long as she could and the British colonies and the heads shall be at the beck and call of the British Crown. (Churchill's loyalty to Britain was bordering on insanity and self-defeating).
   02. Be a white supremacist: Pay due attention to eugenics, implying selective breeding to improve the composition of human race.   Churchill advocated the sterilization of the "feeble minded and insane." (Churchill was a hardcore racist and hated African blacks, Jews, American Indians and others. Churchill’s attitude was quite explicitly racist. He told Amery “I hate Indians. They are beastly people with a beastly religion.”). 

03. Britishness should be preserved at any cost:  Because people from other countries including Europe  are no way better than the British who  are a class apart, born to rule the world  and  not to be ruled by other inferior people or countries. (He strongly believed in the supremacy of the British and their administrative skills).

04. Do not give freedom to India: India's  rich natural resources are  meant for the welfare of Britain alone and to keep the British economy in the pink. Giving freedom to India is suicidal. So,the idea of Home land for the Indians be on the back burner (Churchill set the road block for India's freedom; he purposely stalled the freedom process for a longer period than expected and had scant respect for the top  Indian freedom fighters.
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05. Divide and rule to reap benefits: Dividing and ruling is part of British imperialistic extravaganza and adventurism. Try to drive a wedge between Muslim and Hindu communities in the Indian subcontinent  and  make them squeeze  each others' neck. Have a barrel of fun when they are at loggerheads  with each other. This way, we can not only keep country divided but also  hang on to power until they stop fighting which will never happen (Churchill and his cronies were  indirectly responsible for instigating Indian Muslim leaders to have a separate homeland for them. 

06. Go ahead and use chemical weapons against the tribal communities: When dealing  with warring tribes in the rugged mountains of places like Afghanistan, be unscrupulous. Forget about the war norms. Don't show mercy and  never hesitate to  use  poison gas against tribes.  In 1919, on orders from Churchill, poison gas was  used against the helpless Kurds who tried hard to protect  their lands from the British India Army. (Churchill has the dubious distinction being one of the earliest promoters of  Chemical weapons against civilians!!)

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07. Be a mute spectator when millions die  right under your nose due to natural disaster: By the same token when natural calamity like famine strikes and, in the aftermath,  millions of Indians die in Bengal, do not rescue them  from pain, mental agony and impending death. Be like a man with a stone-heart; there is no room for compassion or humanitarianism.  It is a nature's way of culling them, for the Indians breed like rabbits.  If ships laden with food grains  do arrive at Calcutta harbor for the victims of famine, divert them  to Europe to improve our buffer stock in case of a war in the future. (Churchill was solely  responsible for the death of millions of Bengalis. When honest British officials contacted Churchill for help,  he scribbled a note in the file: Has Gandhi not died yet? When Lord Wavell succeeded Linlithgow as Viceroy, he was appalled at how little had been done to provide famine relief and prevent public outrage over Churchill's inaction)
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 08. Never encourage Homeland for the Irish: If the Irish demand homeland, deploy a brute force to deal with them;  the "Black and Tans" was introduced in Ireland to put down the Irish National Army. (The infamous Black and Tans (Irish: Dúchrónaigh) officially the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve, was a force of temporary constables employed to assist the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) during the Irish War of Independence. It was created by Churchill, then British Secretary of State for War.In 1919 they took in  mostly  British Army veterans of World War I and most of the recruits came from Britain. Their major role was to help the RIC maintain control and fight the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the army of the Irish Republic. The media and the public were critical of the role of
the "Black and Tans and Churchill's audacity in the matter of homeland for the Irish). 
09. No hesitation to be shown to get donations from private companies: Nothing wrong in accepting  massive cash donations from oil companies, etc  to represent them in parliament and be a voice for them. It is mutually beneficial .Their money is for the party and our political services for the companies' survival. (Churchill encouraged lobbying for big companies in return for cash for the party)

10. Vigilante justice; taking revenge: One of the important glorious traits of Winston is to take revenge on the country or people who hurt his ego or political plan very much. For example, to teach a lesson or two to the Germans and  Hitler's Red Army, for Churchill  it is ethical to bomb the German villages and kill innocent people. Tit- for- tat is a good war policy to deal with fascist leaders like Hitler, who like Churchill, was a racist in a different context. The Dresden bombing in Germany from February 13 to February 15, 1945 was a sad event in history.  (Allied forces with American Army  bombed the historic city of Dresden, located in eastern Germany during the final months of World War II. By February 15, the beautiful city was  reduced to smouldering  mounds of rubbish and broken fragments.  In the wake of this cruel bombing  countless  innocent civilians—estimated at somewhere between 35,000 and 135,000–were dead. Though American forces were involved, the initiative was taken by Churchill. It is oft repeated that Churchill “ordered” the fire bombing of Dresden as a “vicious payback” for the German bombing of Coventry).

Many historians find no difference between Churchill and Hitler in terms of murder and mayhem they openly committed. The former was responsible for the Bengal holocaust (1943) and the latter was the architect of extermination of Jews and others in Germany, Poland and other places. The man who is voted as the most famous English man in the recent past is, paradoxically, the most sinned British subject ever walked on the earth. Hitler, who was to be sent to the gallows, killed himself, but Churchill escaped the gallows because of his dubious Democratic credentials  and his close connections with the British Royalty.   

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