Quite absorbing Kasiraj Kali Temple, Varanasi, UP

Kasiraj Kali Temple, Varanasi in.pinterest.com
Kasiraj Kali Temple, Varanasiin.pinterest.com

Kasiraj Kali Temple in.pinterest.com
Kasiraj Kali Temple, incrediblespiritualindia.wordpress.com

India is endowed with thousands of Hindu temples across the land with amazing architecture, design, sculptures  and minutely carved stone images of exceptional beauty. They stand  as examples of  exceptional talents of our artisans who lived in the past. They speak volumes of their dedication to work, imagination  and the ability to give life to the stone images. Kasiraj Kali Temple in Varanasi is an interesting one, a haven for photographers. 

Located very close to  Godowalia Chowk, Varanasi, U, Kasiraj Kali Temple is  a popular one and it is the property of the erstwhile King of Kasi.  This 200 hundred years old  temple was built by Kashi Naresh  to serve  as a private temple for the royal family. Only royal members could worship there in his time, not others. This temple is an architectural wonder. The workmanship and the mastery of the artisans will overwhelm the visitors. Taking a flight of stone stairs rising from the ground level, you get into the temple where you will just stand there tongue-tied because every carving, decorative sculpture and ornate pillar is a master-piece. The temple with fine roof is aesthetically designed.  The petals, bells and rings  nicely chiseled out of stone  bear testimony to the grandeur and beauty of this temple and they are proofs of the highly developed art of stone work in this part of  India. The architectural mastery is in full bloom not only inside but also outside - beautifully carved gate of the temple  complex. It is symphony in stone
Kasiraj Kali Temple in.pinterest.com
Kasiraj Kali Temple, Varanasiin.pinterest.com