Firoz Minar, Gaur, West Bengal - simple but impressive tower built by the second ruler of Habshi Dynasty

Firoz Minor, Gaur, West Bengal.
Firoz Minor, Gaur, West

Firoz Minar -Tower of Firoz/Firuz, built  by Sultan Saifuddin Firuz Shah of the Habshi dynasty between 1485 and 1489  is a five-story tower  in  Gaur, West Bengal.  Following the architectural style  the Tughlaqi period,  the first two storeys are dodecagonal and the final two are circular in shape with reduced diameter.
Firoz Minor plan. Gaur, WB.
Saifuddin Firuz Shah (reigned: 1487–1489) was the second ruler of the Habshi dynasty of Bengal. His original name is Malik Indil. He was a former Abyssinian  Army commander of the of Bengal's Ilyas dynasty. Saifuddin took over the control of the kingdom  after the founder of the Habshi dynasty, Sultan Shahzada Barbak, was killed in 1487. Sultan Saifuddin Firuz Shah  took roughly five years to complete this tower. He began the work in  1485 and ended in 1489
This tower was built to commemorates Firuz Shah's victories in the battlefields. The local story about this tower is Firuz Shah  was not happy with the tower; he wanted it much taller. Being highly intemperate and rude, without any second thoughts, he threw the chief architect from the topmost storey to death. Reason: he was not satisfied with the design and height. Colloquially, the tower is referred as Pir Asa Mandir and Chiragh Dani.
Habshi dynasty of Bengal. minted coins.
Above image: Saifuddin Firuz Shah (1488 CE -1490 CE) after sitting on the throne issued coins in gold and silver, mostly in silver. The coins came from three mints. ...................

The tower that sits atop the masonry plinth  is  26 metres (85 ft) high and its circumference is 19 metres (62 ft). If you take the  spiral  staircase  with 73 steps you can reach the top.  The minar resembles the Qutb Minar of Delhi.  Atop the tower there used to be a dome. However, after repair and restoration work, the dome was not rebuilt, instead there is a flat roof.  
Firoz Minor is just  one kilometre away from the Dakhil Darwaza in  the city of Gaur, Malda district.