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Human-elephant conflicts in India - they continue unabated
Woodstock School, Landour, Uttarakhand  - one of the oldest schools in India founded in 1854
Hoshang Shah 's tomb, Mandu, Madhya Pradesh  - first one  in India entirely faced with marble
Awe-inspiring Jami Masjid of Mandu, Madhya Pradesh - a legacy of Ghauri dynasty
Historical Alamgir Gate, Mandu, a part of the biggest fort in India - Madhya Pradesh
Kakanmath Shiva temple near Gwalior - a charming dilapidated Hindu temple!!
Chausath Yogini Temple, Jabalpur, an old heritage site dedicated to Goddess Durga
Fascinating  Palitana Jain Temples atop Shatrunjaya Hill, Gujarat
Roopkund lake and the mysterios tumbling human skeletons, Uttrakhand state, India