Regular jogging - running - advantages and important precautions!!
In the last  five decades, people world over have taken to jogging or running to improve their health, in particular,  heart condition and blood circulation. Both jogging and running, main two forms of aerobic exercise, no doubt,  are popular because it does not cost you money. All you have to do is allot time for the outdoor physical activities. Countless Medical science research papers lay emphasis on regular physical activities for both men and women who, in the last two or decades,  have spent much of their time sitting before the computer doing a variety of work. After long hours of work in the office  when they hit home, they become fatigued. If the  women have children, they will plunge into cooking  dinner and later concentrate on daily chores. Thy hardly get time to go out and exercise. Regardless of their tight schedule, they must  be resolute to set aside  time for regular work-out  to keep the health in good nick. In India both working men and women in the urban and semi- urban areas   work like a galley slave in the office for long hours more than  nine  hours, besides, they also spend lots of time in the congested traffic-ridden roads to go to work and back. To such people who lead stressed life in the urban jungles  physical exercise is a panacea for them and the health benefits are many.
Regular running or jogging offers  a plethora of  health  and longevity benefits.
Pre-exercise  medical screening is a necessity and it is a ''safety valve'' for you  and the enormous  benefits of exercise outweigh the risks for you.  The  advantages of running/ jogging are enormous.

01.  It improves the strength of bones and weight-bearing muscles as it is a  sort of weight bearing exercise.

02.  It vastly improves heart muscles, blood circulation and staying power.  Overall improvements of cardio vascular fitness.

03.  Reduction in heart-rate/minute  over a long period of time, reducing the work load  of heart to the minimum.

04.  Lots of  calories are burnt promoting  a healthy weightm that may give you physical and mental agility.

05.  It 
improves lungs' capacity and, over a period of time, you will realize how effortlessly you climb  the stairway  to the 3rd or 4th  floors.   'Panting' will go down considerably after a strenuous physical activity. 

06. It makes the arteries and blood vessels stronger and  reduces BP. The more you exercise the more will be the  palpitation.

07. Regular exercise controls the blood-sugar level. 

08. According to recent studies conducted by Victoria University and Sydney university of Australia, jogging/running not only reduces 30% risk from death due to heart failure, but also reduces 23% risk from death caused by  cancer.  

08. Because of reduction in fatigue and  overall improvement of stamina,  it improves your power of concentration and memory power. It promotes better performance at work. The heart with least strains pumps well and supplies oxygen to the brain. 

09. The most important advantage is if you are in a pressure-cooker situation, going through a stressed  phase, the  well-strengthened heart muscles  and arteries will absorb the negative effects on the body and help you get  over the tense situation. Your approach and attitude will improve for better.

10,  At least 5 times a week engage in jogging. A regular daily regimen of 30 minutes to 50 minutes activities will promote good health.  Even if you jog once a week for roughly 45 minutes it also reduces the death risk  considerably.

11. If you are an early starter, allow a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks to build up to regular running and begin your activities with walking.
 Useful precautions  associated with running/jogging:

a. The advantage of jogging is it has less intensity  and can do it in a casual way unlike running that requires better focus, better fitness and strenuous physical activities involving leg muscles, lungs and heart. 
 b. The benefits of jogging/ running considerably depend on your dietary  habits. Over-eating will negate the benefits from aerobic exercises as it will add more calories to your body. 

c. As much as possible avoid eating beef, pork, etc., besides junk food and junk sugar-rich drinks. Eat lots of  fresh vegetables and fruits; wholegrain cereals and low-fat dairy products and pulses give you more dietary benefits than meat. The well-known Irish satirist and humanist Bernard Shaw was a strict vegetarian through out his life. He said 'I hate people who eat  animal flesh and dead cells'.  Do not exercise soon after a good meal.

d. As for juices, if you take, home-made pomegranate juice, beetroot juice and pineapple juice regularly, it is conducive to good health, They are all good for the heart;  beetroot will improve you stamina and you  won't get tired easily during physical activities. As for pineapple, it is loaded with potassium which is good for the heart. 

e. Many people fail to  do stretching exercises before and after jogging. It is a must, it is roughly equal to tuning your hardened muscles before long physical activities. 

f. If you are,  for the first time,  about to get into  aerobic activities like jogging, etc., do it in moderation in the  beginning. In the initial stages brisk walking will prepare your leg muscles  for later strenuous physical activities involving the entire legs. The impact will be heavy on knee-joints. No stretching of muscles before you resume your exercise means  you will suffer from  severe muscle pull, pain, etc., in the later period.
g. If you want to focus on general fitness - mix your running /jogging  with other forms of exercise such as swimming or sports activities like tennis, shuttle cock, basketball, etc.

h. If you are a woman jogger, it is prudent to choose  safe, well-lit,  and populated routes.  Do not ever try isolated, poorly- lit areas; drunks, anti-social people may be bothering you. 

i. Like-wise choose air-pollution free areas, particularly do not venture out in the fog.  In case, air pollution/air-quality  is bad in places like Delhi,  avoid out-door physical activities 

j. To avoid dehydration, make sure you have plenty of fluids. Take a water bottle with you on your run. Drink plenty of water before, during and after any activity.

k. Avoid running during the hottest part of the day in summer;   restrict your jogging in the morning. 

l.  When you pant a lot, almost out of breath,  breathe in lots of air through mouth, your panting will go down. 

m. Choosing the right ground for jogging is a must. Avoid rugged ground. Choose flat, grassy areas rather than hard or loose (such as sandy) surfaces. This will reduce the risk of knee pain, foot pain, etc. The cumulative effect of running on rough ground will be very bad.  Choose  quality  jogging shoes  with  shock-absorbing material in the heel part. Like-wise wear loose pants and sweat shirt.