Christ Church Bardhaman, West Bengal, an early colonial church

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Christ-Church-Bardhaman, W.Bengal.
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The city of   Bardhaman, West Bengal has several places of interest for the tourists. There are many places of worship here. Equally interesting is the fact there is an old  red brick church  that came into being  way back in 1816  under the  supervision of Captain Charles Stuart of the East India Company. It was in undivided Bengal, the British company  began their mercantile trading in the 18th century and later diabolically seized  the entire land  under the direction of Robert Clive.  Vast revenue from this land had begun to  boost the poor British economy. This land acted as a spring board for them to accomplish their imperial ambition. 
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Considered as one of the oldest churches in West Bengal, this antiquated Church called ''Christ Church'' is built in typical European style and is being well- maintained as of now. Being a famous landmark in this part of the city, it is in the midst of an impressive courtyard. Close to Curzon Gate,  it was built by  the Church Missionary Society who  bought the land between the Head Post Office (HPO) and Curzon Gate from the then ruler  at the rate of Rs.12.50 per year as revenue. It was Captain Charles Stuart who was in charge of its maintenance and  church activities activities, etc.
 At places like Serampore, Darjeeling hill town, etc., of West Bengal,  you can see many historical 18th and 19th century European-styled churches. The early 19th century is believed to be an important period in the history of Serampore.  It was the arrival of four English missionaries - Joshua Marshman, Hannah Marshman, William Carey, and Willam Ward - who happened to be  the architects of the 'Serampore renaissance'. They landed in this part of Bengal with a singular purpose of preaching Christianity and  ''Christ's Gospel of  Love and Peace'' among the natives. But, they ended up  dedicating their lives to the service of ailing and distressed people in and around the town, spreading education, social reforms, and social reconstruction. William Carey, as  the missionary of Serampore 
MissionaryWilliam Carey

first  degree college in Asia Serampore College in 1818,
Mission Press, established Serampore College in 1818. with Joshua Marshman, Hannah Marshman, William Carey, and William Ward. it was the very first Degree-offering college in the whole of Asia.