''Real happines'' what does it mean? - 15 simple tips to achieve it

The realization that 'happiness is what you are  and  not what you possess'  does not attract most of the people who grope in the darkness, seeking happiness, peace and tranquillity. If happiness is missing,  there is no room for the latter two. World over people want to be happy in spite of their being successful because there is an emptiness in them. Many of us follow different ways of getting a hold on happiness.  

I would like to  tell a simple story about ''happiness''. There was a rich and beautiful lady  in India and the God bestowed her with everything that a person could get on this earth. At heart she felt very unhappy  and realized  her whole life  was empty and had no meaning. Haunted by dejection and frustration,  she sought the help of a psychotherapist. Upon hearing the rich lady's story, he called in a woman-janitor  in that building and told the affluent woman, '' I am going to put some questions to this poor lady. I expect you listen to her answesr carefully  and I will tell you how she found happiness''. The poor lady said, '' My husband who was in the army had been missing all these years and I did not know  whether he  was alive or dead. Childless, I had nothing left. No money, no future. I could not sleep, nor did I eat well and and have normal relationship in the neighboring families. I became more or less a recluse overwhelmed by depression and hopelessness. My neighbors told me that they never saw me smile''. 

...''One day on my way back home after work,  I saw  little cat  following me. As it was winter time I took pity on the little  creature and decided to let it inside the home. For a couple of days I gave her milk  and little food. It purred and rubbed against my leg when I was cooking in the kitchen. For the first time I just put on a little smile,  responding to the little cat's affection for me. After a couple of days depression and dejection in me began to go away like passing clouds. It dawned on me one day if helping a poor helpless kitten makes me happy  and smile , then I  could light up happiness and give them hope. A couple of days later, with limited resources I had, I prepared food and took it to those poor and sick people who had no means to get it. When I saw their smile and and flickering hope in them my joy knew no bounds. It made me really happy to see them happy and there was  hope in this cruel world  where money  was  hoarded in rich men's coffers. Nothing made me happier by sharing  happiness with the poor and the  wretched. I  understood the real meaning of the old adage,'Serving the people is service to the almighty' ''. 

No sooner had the rich lady heard the heart-wrenching story of a poor woman  than  she felt  she had every thing that money could buy, but the poor woman had no money but had happiness which money could not buy her. Loaded with money, she decided to help the needy and destitute  by getting them the basic needs that they were deprived of. Rich lady really felt happy that she had something  to hold  there that would  make the poor happy at heart. The lesson is ''the beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are; but on how others around you are happy because of your selfless deeds''

Life is full of hopes, challenges and unexpected twists and turns 
of  surprises. It is something like a bumpy journey on badlands. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine.  Contentment  and happiness will help you achieve your goal without taking away your peace of mind.

Follow the following tips help you  feel happy in  your life:

01. Be strong and optimistic. Don't let  sadness and negative situation get  into or ruin your life. When overcome by sadness/grief, keep your chin up, after all for ever one life is a roller-coaster ride  and will be bumpy. 

02. Life is full of   struggles and you have to accept them and live with them.  It is something like climbing Mt. Everest,  a tough uphill journey.

03. Stick with those who are joyful and lgive you inspirationyou.

04. Give due importance to the values and options of others.; the more you honor  and respect them, the better you will feel about yourself and those you love.

05. Do not push yourself to the extreme just because you can not get it. be aware of your limitations.  Accept little imperfection and you can not stop them. 

06. Disappointments do happen when things go awry, but never lose your hope and keep going short of pushing your self. 

07. For every one there will be  silver linings in his/her life. There will be something to turn you on.  When you trip, next time  you will be extra careful and avoid pit falls as much as possible and this bring in a change in you. 

08. Never fail to keep yourself  busy because, research studies point out, that those who keep themselves busy, are happier than people who stand idle and do nothing.  It is a good thing to join a social club or visit places that interest you very much. Having a passion for regular exercises  will make you happy. It  increases endorphins in your body, lowering your overall stress levels and giving you peace of mind, according to researchers who link there is a link between  physical exercise and happiness.
09. Your appearance and smiling-face counts a lot.  Not only does it give you  peace of mind but also make others  comfortable with you. But at the same time develop gut instincts.

10. Never ever do something to please  other people; do what makes you happy. Never recall past painful events and at the same time do not be euphoric about your success and achievements.         The great American singer Frank Sinatra who saw both failures and success in his  tough  life said, “The best revenge is massive success.”

11. Never fail to get involved in something that gives you happiness  and makes you feel at home .

12. Contributing to the well being of the community is a great thing. You need not be a millionaire A little bit of charity is a good trait in you that may give you a purpose and meaning to your life. Being generous and compassionate will improve your image..

13. Do not blame others for your failures and this will give you a bad rap.   

14. Be open to  criticism and accept new changes in your life-style; perhaps it may boost your confidence which is directly linked to happiness.

15. Be magnanimous about your mistakes and, at the same time, appreciate your opponents positive sides.  Besides, forgiving other people is a great thing in you.  It reduces your stress level, BP and lower your  heart rate.  
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''Sri Sarada Yagna Prasadam'' vol 11, issue 10. Oct. 2019: On ''happiness''.