Indian wives hold the third place in the world in thrashing husbands!!

India: husband getting clobbered.
Domestic violence.
 Accustomed to hearing  ill-treatment and torture of Indian wives in the media, the news  of a  group  of men  approaching  a counseling center in Uttar Pradesh  to report  their  being tortured by their wives may give you  either a good laugh or make you become tongue-tied. If you are looking for a prospective bride, you may shiver!! Domestic violence and abuse of wives in households  is a global problem and  have been around  in India for several decades. In the case of men, their drinking problem is the root cause of domestic violence.  As for women, their  perpetual torture in the hands of men drives them to desperation and retaliation.  Way past the Indian media never gave  coverage  to crime against women because  family members were afraid to go to the police  for the simple reason  this would  give a woman  a bad name  and face criticism'. Men in those days took advantage of holes in the Indian laws with respect to women. In  the modern scenario,  in the light of woman empowerment, active media reporting and easy Internet access, wrongs committed against women get easily exposed in a jiff.
Indian wife chasing her husband with a broom.

Things are changing now, so is the attitude of women toward their husbands.  The harassment of daughter-in-law by in-laws and husband  is overshadowed by  violence against men in India. The Indian law is backing women and what is happening is just opposite.  Now, beleaguered Indian women hog the limelight and find a  third place in a list of violence against men  by wives. They have a force to reckon with and there is no stopping them. Even in the rural villages of countless places  across India  where drinking liquor among men is a haunting problem, women folks fight them back to kick the habit.  The incidence of men facing woman's  wreath  at home has gone up in this country to some extent and, it may impact widely talked about subject - women's empowerment.  In recent years, physical violence against men by wives spiked. The trauma may be the same, but the methods of inflicting abuse vary. A social researcher Anil Kumar says “Men are stronger and hit their wives, but women, in many cases, ask another man — their brother, father, friend or hired goons — to assault their husband.,

In the case of male victims  of torture by wives, it is not very much covered in the Indian  media, unlike western  media because for the males: ''As a man, to be beaten by your wife is desperately humiliating and, in a way, shameful.”  Further,  the Indian (or any other western) society is not sympathetic toward harassed men. They are subject to carping criticism, mockery and jokes.  If they speak up publicly, they are tagged as ''unmanly''  According to Rukma Chary, general secretary, Save Indian Family Foundation : “Domestic violence against men in India is not recognized by the law. The general perception is that men cannot be victims of violence. This helps women get away scot-free.

But women taking to thrashing  chauvinistic erring husband, it seems, has become a new approach in the past decade or so. If a husband does go to the police, he may be slapped with  a false dowry harassment case, etc.,  to shut him up. Besides, it is difficult to shake off the social stigma such innocent men  may carry  for a long time.  In the capital city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh a youth, in a complaint  to the Police Counseling Center, pleaded help to  save  him and his family members from  his devilish wife whose forte was to   torture his entire family. In the wake of this incident, several male members approached the Police counseling center  about the unruly wives in their families.
In another complaint in Faizullaganj, UP a man  mentioned  that his wife who had been living with him for about married 21 years had gone berserk and suddenly turned hostile, triggering verbal brawls, fights and chaos in the family. One night she broke my hand and ill-treated elders in the family, husband complained.  His primary concern was about his ageing father. 

According to Babita Singh, in-charge of the Counseling Center the crux of the problem was  often the  newly married woman never listened to  her husband  and sometimes  threatened  to get divorced, not respecting the solemn vows of matrimony.

The UN statistics taken in 2016  with respect to domestic violence -   abuse and beating husband came up with a shocking revelation that  India  took the third place. Egypt grabbed the first place followed by, hold your breath, the UK. Tools used by wives to beat their husband were mostly kitchen tools such as rolling pin.  The data in India reveal that the women who harass and beat  their better half  file false dowry cases on in-laws  to gain  sympathy from the police. Consequently innocent people  poignantly suffer.

By the same token,  there are women who really suffer due to bad marriage and they refuse to go the court to avoid bad name and stigma on their character/family.  Many people are of the view that  men are suffering now because of their forefathers past sins - 'ill-treatment of their wives way back in the past when they were confined to the four walls of the house. ''Karma'' holds a firm grip on those who hurt others,  be they  humans or animals.   The old quote ''marriages are made in heaven'' is true of most cases. If you are bestowed with a good wife/husband, it is well and good and if it is on the contrary,  you have to  be submissive to the Karma and accept life as it comes.