Mysterious and eerie ''Ghost lights'' of the Rann of Kutch and West Bengal, India!!

Dancing Ghost lights, chir Batti,
Ghost light, chir Batti in the Banni Grasslands,the Rann of Kutch,Gujarat,India
There are many mysterious and eerie places in India and one being in Gujarat called Chir Batti  and the other one is in West Bengal referred to as Aleya. If you go to the bottom of  these strange  mysterious  dancing lights that occur only at certain places and at night,  you may find a simple explanation  for the mystery that hunts lots of farmers and  villagers or fishermen who visit these places.
Chir Batti, Gujarat, India:
The Banni Grasslands Reserve in the  Rann of Kutch, Gujarat is a seasonal marshy grasslands,  and  the media reported a few mysterious dancing lights  in them  as witnessed by the locals; they named them  Chir Batti. Local villagers refer to them  as Chir Batti in their Kutchhi-Sindhi language, with Chir meaning ghost and Batti meaning light.   It is reported that  these  thin to thick  lights of various shapes  quite visible at night are as bright as a mercury lamp and also change color from blue, red, yellow to a pear- shaped moving ball.  This  strange light phenomenon has been around here for centuries and,  according to local folklore, these lights have been a part of life in the Banni grasslands and the adjoining Rann of Kutch.  They are  sometimes  known to move fast in any direction and sometimes  may remain in the same place for a while and then may disappear.  Many visitors, including a  team of local and US ornithologists and the Indian soldiers of Border Security Forces ( BSF) posted near the troublesome India-Pakistan border say that  the light sometimes appeared  as if  to follow them. 
Many witnesses claim these lights that change colors in a jiff frequently may here and there and  can be seen can only after 8 pm on dark nights. They are are mostly 2 to 10 feet above the ground and, if by chance, if you follow them you may miss your way and get lost midway in the grassland or  in thorny jungles or desert of the salt flats of the Rann. 

Aleya, West Bengal, India:
Ghost light, Aleya, West bengal.
In  West Bengal these lights are called Aleya (or marsh ghost-light) and they are reported  by  fishermen of West Bengal and Bangladesh in the marshes.  The sightings of these  lights  scare the local fishermen who mistake them for some kind of paranormal activities or apparition. Some times they become so shocked that they lose their bearing that my lead to drowning.  Some local  fishing communities in the region believe that these strange fast moving  marsh-lights are  actually the ghosts of fisherman who died  accidentally while fishing.  Many bodies  were reported to have been washed ashore on these swamps in the past  and the locals  believe that the death was caused by Aleya lights.

Scientists are of the view that there is nothing mysterious about them and these thin moving  lights are  caused by oxidation of methane from the decaying plants, etc in the  marshes. It is a common feature in agricultural fields where farmers prepare natural fertiliser - manure from the compost with decaying trash, plants, tree leaves, stems, etc., and is commonly called  will-o'-the-wisp.  The glowing lights are due to methane production of methane gas on a low level in such places. The life of lights is dependent on the  amount of methane gas availble.
Marshy, desolate wetlands -