Corona virus in aerosol - your life is not doomed. Tamil Nadu Government issued precautions to avoid the virus!!


When the entire world is in the grip of fear and anxiety in the wake of corona virus that began to surface for the first time in China in the recent past the rumor mill, as usual, is working overtime. No doubt Covid -19 is a deadly virus as it spreads  easily and remains dormant for some time and surfaces  at an unexpected time. World wide lots of people die due to various viral fever, automobile accidents, etc. Though the death rate in corona virus is as low as 4%,  what scares people silly is its fast spread from countries to countries and its contagious nature.
 Unlike  measles that may trigger 12 to 18 new cases and  about six for polio, smallpox, and rubella, in the case of  new corona virus it is estimated to cause two to three others.
As for the measles, the microbe is so small and tough that it is able to stay suspended in the air  for up to two hours after an affected  person had sneezed or coughed;  it may be  the only viruses that can exist as a true aerosol.
Since a proper research work is not yet done on corona virus, there arises a string of  conflicting reports on the new corona virus and its mode of transmission.  The preliminary  study concludes that there are  no aerosolized corona virus particles in the hospital rooms of Covid-19 patients.
It is said that the new corona virus can exist as an aerosol- in liquid or solid (the virus) suspended in a gas (like air) only under very limited conditions. Scientists are of the view that pandemic is 

not caused by this transmission route.  ''But “limited” conditions does not mean “no” conditions, underlining the need for health care workers to have high levels of personal case
 of production of  corona virus aerosol'' .  “I think the answer will be, aerosolization occurs rarely but not never,” said microbiologist 
and physician Stanley Perlman of the University of Iowa''.

Corona virus can be transmitted via air by two ways. When it is in
droplet form, it is airborne for a few seconds after someone sneezes or coughs. Then it  travels only a short distance before gravitational forces push  it down. If a person is close to it in that given ''active  period'', it is likely, he can therefore be infected.  So is the case of a person who comes into contact with virus-containing droplets that fall onto a surface (my be metal or plastic). The new corona virus can survive on surfaces for several hours; hence the importance of hand-washing after touching a surface in a public place.

An aerosol being  in a  physical state, particles are held in the air by physical and chemical forces. Take for example  fog which is an aerosol; water droplets  remain  suspended in the air for hours or more, depending on factors such as heat and humidity.  If virus particles, on  droplets of mucus or saliva, may remain suspended  in air  and if a person  goes past that pathogenic patch can  become infected.

It’s more evidence that [Covid-19] is predominantly spread through droplets and not as an aerosol,” LeVasseur of Drexel University said. The aerosolized virus particles are, at worst, rare in real-world conditions as confirmed by the absence of infections in some household members of patients suggests
corona virus scare.
corona virus precaution. times of
The TN govt. has issued the following warnings regarding novel corona virus:
01. Avoid traveling out of the State, gathering in public places for the next 15 days.
02. Avoid places of worships, beaches, commercial complexes, markets, weddings and other social functions.
03. Ensure personal hygiene, wash hands with soap, while entering house and at regular intervals; avoid touching face with hands.
04.  Parents to ensure children don’t play in groups; to ensure that children wash their hands with soaps.
 05. All office-goers in government and private offices are to carry disinfectants for their personal safety.
 06. In case of cough or fever, avoid going to office and those with Coronavirus symptoms should proceed to government hospital immediately.