Dangers of noise pollution - EU report warns, a brief note

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Noise pollution is a global problem and in India, the less said, the better.  Normally any sounds above 85 decibels, in general, are harmful to our health . Prolonged exposure to high noise levels - high decibel noises may lead to cardiovascular problems, disturbed sleep at night, birth defects and hearing problems

The European Environmental Agency  (EEA) in a recent report  on 5th March, 2020 said that  one in 5 Europeans suffers from noise pollution and it is harmful to health.The Agency deplores the inability of countries to do cut down the high noise levels in urban spaces. They felt the objective of reducing the noise level  in Europe before 2020 and taking  the counties forward to a safer noise level as recommended by WHO might not be achievable as the menace continues unabated.

 The Agency's main concern is  the noise pollution projected  to increase in the future because of  additional  growth in urban space and increasing  demand for mobility. It implied future construction of highways, roads, buildings, etc., and more automobile  traffic on the roads.    Increase in noise pollution at night affects public health across Europe and  can lead to disrupt sleep,  cardiovascular and cardio-
Noise level is worse in Tehran at night  than in daytime, ehrantimes.com
physiological issues. This might promote reduction in cognitive performance.  According to EEA 113 million people are affected by long-term  traffic noise levels. Besides 22 million and  four million people are  very much affected by noise pollution from trains and  from aviation respectively.  The unfortunate fact is 12500 children have cognitive disorder   and 12000 children  face premature death, and the noise pollution has a direct bearing on them. 

The Agency says the authorities in Europe both at local and national level  must be resolute and take a positive step with assertion to cut down the noise level in urban and semi urban areas so that the future population will live in a safer environment with least noise pollution.
Ref: The New Indian Express (Tiruchi edition) dated: 6th March, 2020; page: 16:: ''EU report warns perils of noise pollution.''