''Stay Home" and follow government ''lockdown'' orders -. it is the only way to reduce coronavirus impact

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The PM of India  and the CM of  respective  Indian states have put the entire country under lock-down to retard the progress of Covid-19 infection on a priority basis  As you may be aware, the virus spreads in clusters and the crowded places are most vulnerable to infection.  People with diabetes or any other medical condition  experiencing poor immunity system will be easy targets. These, in turn, will spread the infection among their family members, neighbors and people whom  they contact in close proximity. Considering all the pros and cons of virus impact, on the advice of medical experts and past experiences with  the Spanish flu of 1918,  leaders world over urged their  citizens to remain at home  and  told them in no uncertain term ''Self quarantine is the only way  to retard the spread of corona virus'' that progresses exceptionally  over a period of time. World over, a section of younger people won't pay serious attention to such warnings.
 In this respect, PM Modiji already took the precaution longer before other world leaders  and in his address  to the nation  urged the citizens to follow the government orders. Despite his request and Tamil Nadu  CM's stern  warning about the impeding danger of the virus in crowded markets, in  many pockets of Tamil Nadu foolish people do not care about the  warnings. Nor have they understood the aftermath of the present  danger that has already shaken the world economy  and caused widespread unemployment.  What irks me is the  remarks on the crowds at the meat shops in many places standing  closely and busy buying  meat. Their preoccupation is more focused on eating meat to their heart's content in this hour of anxiety, distress and pain  than in the interest of their community, their children and most importantly the nation. 
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Media reports carried news that PM expressed his angst  and frustration that in some states like TN and others people are not concerned about the safety of the country, the  people around them and their family members.  Their unprecedented urge to eat in a time like is quite disgusting. Even in Delhi itself, a section of people never cared about the lockdown. Countries like Italy, Spain, Iran and US are paying the prices now for their past mistakes committed  for no faults of their leaders, who patiently  kept issuing the warning  to them then and there about social-distancing and avoiding crowded gathering. The youngsters. in particular, threw the warning in the air and  now  they are either in the 14 day quarantine or facing death-like situation. Playing with one's life  and that of others is a serious matter.
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On the first day - March 23 of lockdowns imposed across the country,  hundreds of people were booked for violating the norms and issued warnings of arrest with jail terms up to a year if the violations continued. The number of states and Union territories that imposed the lockdowns increased to 28 on Monday with Punjab and Maharashtra, the worst-hit state with 71 confirmed Indian cases, imposing curfews.
In states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, police  warned te people through the media:  violators  were “against the society as they will not stay at home.” Police confiscated vehicles people found violating the norms in states including Haryana and Rajasthan.  Despite the barricades, Police in many states did allow people  to leave home for
genuine reasons - to visit markets to buy essential goods even as most streets wore a deserted look. The only thing is they should not crowd.

The  Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison  while announcing on Friday Mar 13, 2020 a ban on all non-essential gatherings of over 500 people starting from Monday and urged citizens to  strictly follow the Govt. orders. 
"It is a precautionary (measure). It is getting ahead of this to ensure that we can minimize the impact on your health and (so) we can ensure with ..we can minimize the impact on your health and (so) we can ensure with confidence the ability for people to be accessing the health services that they and their families will need," he said.
With a tally  just shy of 123000 US has the highest confirmed  coronavirus cases globally. It accounted for one third of national death in New York;  700 people died according to the Johns Hopkins university. This was due to partial shut down