Delhi's Nizamuddin congregation (March) by 'Tablighi Jamaat'' is yet another example of mass contact and spread of corona infection!!

Avoid crowded places.
There are numerous  media reports  on the  carelessness  and irresponsible attitude of  certain foolish people  regarding Govt. guidelines  in this period of lock-down to control the spread of novel coronavirus.  The cases in point are mass movements of migrant workers to their respective native places from other states,  gathering  of people in market areas in some cities and towns to buy groceries, meat, etc and  the recent outing of lots of people in the town of Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu.
On top of these stray incidents across India, the  central and govt health officials are  now seriously  concerned about the  recent religious meeting in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi in the second week of March in which more than 3000 participants took part, including many religious leaders people from Indonesia  and other countries. No body can judge its impact on the people associated with them. Many media reports reports say that foreigners  came here on tourist visa and misused their stay in this country. Some  local religious leaders colluded with them. Now  the question is: how come they  were part of the organization of a large religious event in the center of Delhi?  The Delhi police apparently told them about the lock-down period and the dangers of corona virus. The unknown fact is, it is reported that  about 50  foreign participants  landed here with hidden symptoms of corona  and the airport health officials could not  pick up them.  The infection might have flared up subsequently. Now these  foreign people have put the lives of lot of participating  Indian Muslims in the jamat in danger of getting infection from them. Further, they stayed in crowded mosques in Delhi. Imagine how many people they would have contacted during their stay and the aftermath.

 Health officials  launched recently a nationwide search  for participants of the south Delhi's Nizamuddin  gathering. This place is  home to a famous Dargah, which has become the new epicenter of the deadly virus pandemic amid fears that thousands who attended it could have carried the infection across India.  Now they are back to their respective states - virtually a large part of India, in particular, south India; they form the potential sources of infections. Efforts are being made to quarantine them to avoid the spread of the virus.  Most of them are reluctant and have not yet come out on their own  to  submit themselves to medical examination report to the health officials.
Many of the  states mentioned above  have reported COVID-19 cases linked to the Delhi  congregation. The unfortunate thing is some reports say the gathering took place despite lock-down in Delhi - blatant breach of government guidelines.   The scary thing is the emerging fresh cases of infection  from Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir and Bihar, among other places, taking the nationwide tally past 1,400 with at least 45 deaths, as per figures announced by government officials in different states.  Already  six deaths  were reported by the Telangana government  recently, all of whom had attended the Nizamuddin congregation. According to the TN government, the aggregate number is at 124, with at least 77 of them having links to
the Tablighi Jamaat.  Already, a suburb of Tirunelveli city, TN  - Melapalayam has been under totally blocked. Several  Muslims from this area who attended the jamat in Delhi  have tested positive for corona.
According to the union govt.  2,100 foreigners visited India for 'tabligh' activities this year, including those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan.  Unofficial estimate says the total gathering is more than 3000.  All state police departments have been asked to locate Indian Tabligh Jamaat workers from local coordinators, followed by their medical screening and quarantine. The Delhi police are instructed to take immediate action  against people, including foreign nationals, who stayed in 16 mosques in the national capital after participating in the meet at Nizamuddin, said officials. they put tens of thousands of peoples' lives in danger. Delhi police recently booked the cleric who led a huge religious gathering in Nizamuddin West for violating government orders.

Many residents of the center in Nizamuddin, Delhi started showing symptoms for coronavirus infection and police and paramilitary officials locked down the area but authorities fear a spread of the virus.  In such a scenario no  social distancing  is possible  and it may cause grave danger to public health.  The unfortunate fact is the main objective of containing COVID-19 is negated. 
In the next one month or so, such mistakes should not be repeated and if we are careful we can certainly reduce the toll considerably.