Funny quotes & humor, etc - 63: politicians and gimmicks

Goliath of corruption: 

Do you think it is easy to fight the Goliath of corruption and scams in government offices by being ordinary mortals? Nope, it is an impossible task. Being close to the corridor of power and pelf, they will come out of any misadventure nice and clean. We are no match for such Machiavellian politicians to whom integrity and honesty are anathema. We need the services of aliens from the Mars to do the job.

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77 candidates  had criminal records. new karnataka com

Criminals and and some politicians are inseparable like, lightning and thunder, . they are a sort of political ‘’Arthanari’’, one half of them is bad, the othe half — the less said, the better. ’ 


Future virtual environment:

We are in the midst of serious Covid -19 pandemic that has already taken lots of lives world over. (In India, the total number cases of coronavirus cases is 31,332, and 1,008 people are dead so far). Air pollution is known to accelerate the spread of such dangerous virus. Our politicians across the globe talk a lot about global warming and rise of sea level and do not arrive at a consensus. If air pollution goes unchecked, by 2035, our posterity will see the trees only in huge cut-out posters.


Misleading political promises and false Media reports:

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In Indian politics, when there is a general election to the parliament in Delhi or election to the State Assembly, every time the gullible electorates are made a sucker by the wily netas and fake media reports. With exceptions of good governance once in a while, the trend continues as many political heavyweights control the media and filter the daily news reports. Their gaffs and glaring mistakes go unreported.. Growd pulleying is very important while  on a campaign trail. They get the people truck loads by enticing them with money, liquor etc. Their stump speeches are full of false promises of various goodies for the people. But, once they are voted to power, theoir persona will change and are not accessible to people from their constituency. 


Unstable coalition ministry: (Deccan
When a new coalition government is formed either at the center or in the states by four different pillars — political parties with no proper ideology, there will be five different troublemakers preventing stability. They are like circus buffoons wielding slapsticks and thrashing each other over pelf and power till the coalition ministry falls apart.

Political  gimmick /Yogasana: (Deccan (Deccan

gimmick to get vote www.quora.comn

When it comes to political campaign, no western politician can outdo Indian counterparts. On the campaign trail, our netas know where to bend his back and shake his body — a sort of Asana to cajole voters. If need be, they will prostrate right before the gullible voters as  they would  do before a deity in a place of worship. Their  focus is more on winning the seat than winning the trust of the people and improve their wealth and health care. Once th won the seat, there is no way you could see them back in their  constituency to attend to the ''peoples’ grievances''.

Making a bundle:

Commonly, certain dishonest politicians are returning home with their loaded goodies after their specified term in the political office is over.  While poor people are concerned about the next meal for their families , our netas are busy counting the boodle in the secret chamber in their home and are worried about their future generations and their capability to carry on their political legacy. In the 1950s and early 1960s, our political leaders retired from social service penniless; may be some hardly had Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 in the bank.In the olden days, their focus was more on the welfare of the people than on the commission and taking cuts’’ in govt.. contract work.

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