''Chor Gumbad'', Narnaul, Haryana State - legacy of early Muslim rule in the Delhi region

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There are innumerable Islamic monuments in the northern states of India. More often than not tourists visit only the famous ones in Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, etc. There countless simple and impressive Islamic monuments near Delhi and other places.  Chor Gumbad in Narnaul, Haryana state is an interesting one. 
Atop the small  hill in the Jamalpur area  in Narnaul city  of Haryana state  stands a simple, but majestically looking  Chor Gumbad (1351-88 AD).  It is on the Singhana road. It is an important landmark of this town and the area is developed into a nice park by the district administration. A protected monument under the government control lots of people visit this site. This site does not have any grave. The Chor Gumbad was only recently repaired  with a view to restoring this monument by way of  improving its  structural stability  and look of the buildings. The structure is not visible from the road side owing to the presence of so may building that hide the view. The town is a growing one. 
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It was built by an Afghan Jamal Khan as his tomb. The style and architectural features  such as  low dome and arches,  are suggestive of it possible construction during the rein of Firoz 
Shah Tughlaq (1351-88 AD), one of the early Muslim rulers of Delhi. 
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Square  in shape with single chamber having  four minarets at each corner, this well planned big monument looks  like a two-story  structure from the outside. This being due to  due to an open veranda running  all around it. The word ''Chor'' in Hindi or Urdu means thief.  This unique structure possibly got the name for two simple reasons 01. Isolated location  and disuse for a long time; later fell into disrepair 02.  Obviously it became a sort of  hideout or haven for thieves, hobos and highway robbers. At last this name got stuck with it. It is in District-Mahendergarh. The town Narnaul is about 170 km from Delhi.  The surrounding park is a nice place , well maintained by the administration. The locals go there for relaxation, exercise and fun.