Cops sacrificed two goats in the police station to propitiate the god to curb crime near Coimbatore, TN

sacrificial lambs

Goat sacrifice in a court, Uttrakhand

Above image:  In  Sept. 2016 in a court case the High Court, Uttrakhand  State   finally gave in and ''allowed sacrificial goats at Naina Devi temple inside the premises to be worshiped for slaughter.” 

113th Mela was going on at that time. However, ''the ban on goat slaughter on the temple premises has continued in view of Supreme
 court ruling  --- Court order of July 13 last year (2015) mandating that ''the state must discourage animal sacrifice and  educate the masses against superstitious ritual slaughter''. None of the goats was slaughtered in  the temple. Each person with a goat was being verified under the CCTV camera. This move will slow down the public butchery of animals in the name of appeasing the goddess.  

goat sacrifice, TN police station.

When people are facing misfortune in succession, they become  either bewildered or confused. Then they control themselves and find out ways and means to get out of the mess. People who have no patience  hit the couch of a Shrunk and listen to his or her blabbering and shell out  big money on hourly basis, depending on how long they are  stuck to that couch. What about the cops, the guardians of the society when they are burdened with so many unsolved civil and criminal cases and the mounting official pressure from higher officials. In a tough situation, they have to  throw up their hands and seek the help of the God above us.  Worried over the rising rate of accidents and  crimes in their limits, the cops at the  Kovilpalayam police station found a naval method to curb the crime rate and the hurdles in their line of duty. Yes, they took refuge in animal sacrifice. Can you believe it?

The Kovilpalayam police station  that falls under the Karumathampatti subdivision (in Coimbatore district), close to Coimbatore city  in Tamil Nadu had run into headwinds and their action decided in haste without any discretion or possible repercussions became a subject of controversy  and a big scoop for the news-hungry media.   The cops did not realize the old saying: ''Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any  misfortune.'' 

This bizarre incident  happened in July, 2019. What wrong did the cops commit as to  warrant  the attention of the public, media and higher-ups?  The officials  at the police station not only sought the help of the almighty, but  also  went a couple of steps farther and conducted something on the police station premises.  Yes, to propitiate the goddess, they  reportedly conducted a 'kida vettu'  ritual involving slaughter of a couple of male goats. The local media picked up the scent and brought to light this weird incident in which  two goats were sacrificed at the Kovilpalayam police station as part of  'kida vettu'. Thanks to the local politician who donated the sacrificial goats to the police station to solve their pressed problems. 

Goat sacrifice in a TN police station.

Upon inquiry  conducted by the rural police officials, they found out that as part of  prayer to the almighty,   two goats were sacrificed  on the station premises around 4 am in the early hours. A feast was then organised there  attended by police personnel and local politicians where the cooked meat of the two goats was served to the attendees. What made the cops resort to  animal sacrifice that too  within the confines of a police station?  The explanation that it was conducted "to control the crime rate and fatal accidents" occurring under the police station limits in the past year, made the people's eyebrow go up. The  police officials, at this station became upset and dejected over a slew of unwanted things happening in the station. In the past an inspector at the  Kovilpalayam police station  was arrested by the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) officials  for accepting  bribery. A constable attached to the station recently passed away suddenly.  A few weeks before this animal sacrifice, three people while cleaning a septic tank died of asphyxiation  in a pig-breeding center at Keeranamatham that  falls under the limits of the Kovilpalayam police station. Besides, there are cases of thefts and and other crimes that remain standstill, not making any progress. The higher-ups keep giving them a lot of pressure. Reportedly, some local people had  given them wrong advice to perform 'keda vettu' (goat sacrifice) and sprinkle the blood on the station premises.

sacrificial lambs – nakedpastor
Sacrificial lambs.

A DSP level inquiry had  been initiated  to get to the bottom of this weird incident that  was never heard of before.