Last year this month Indian jewelry owned by the Indian rulers fetched the highest amount USD 109 plus million

Nizam's ceremonial sword studded with gemstones,

Nizam's jewelry collection Christie's auction 2019 NYC.
 Whenever the famous auction houses like Christie's conduct an auction sale of famed Indian jewelry, gem studded swords, daggers, boxes, etc, there will be  wild excitement and curiosity among the affluent people who do not know what to do with their money. However, such people, diligently invest money in antiques that have amazing heritage value. They can feel satisfied that that they have made a good investment as the value of such antique items goes up few times more than the value  as the years go by. 
Nizam's pink Golconda diamond. 10.42 ct.

 About one year ago on 20 June 2019  in New York city there was  a large and rich collection of Indian jewelry auction conducted  by the famous auction house  - Christie's.   What was special about this ballyhooed auction, that was the subject of discussion among the rich and famous? Yes, the items included an amazing and rare collection of  17-carat Golconda diamond "Arcot II", once owned by the Nawab of Arcot ( now Tamil Nadu), an alley of the British and an antique diamond Riviere necklace once owned by the Nizams of Hyderabad who were in the good books of the colonial rulers. 

The well attended   auction  was a successful one for the globally acclaimed auction house, because  they sold the collection of Indian jewels and jeweled objects for USD 109.3 million, a whooping sum.   A premium "once-in-a-lifetime" collection of royal Indian jewelry  auction sale hit the highest total ever for any auction of Indian art and jeweled objects, according  Christie's.The Arcot II diamond sold for a stunning USD 3,375,00 (Rs 23.5 crore).

The other attraction was  a  Ceremonial Sword of the Nizam of Hyderabad'  that fetched $1,935,000, establishing a new World Auction Record for an Indian Sword. The owner Hyderabad Nizam was in the 1930s the richest man in the world and he had a fleet of expensive cars including RRs. He once used a  big diamond as a paper weight in his office without knowing it, mistaking it for a glass stone. 
The other items included in the sale were: An antique diamond Riviere necklace once owned by the Nizams  which sold for nearly USD 2,415,000 (Rs 17 crore). The 33-diamond necklace was estimated to sell for USD 1,500,000 (nearly Rs 10.5 crore), Christie's announced on Twitter.  10.46 carat Pink Golconda diamond, internally flawless stone, the value of which is estimated to be between 1.5 million USD to 2 million USD. It got a better price. 

The privateauction  otherwise called  the Maharajah and Mughal Magnificence auction in New York achieved  the highest record sale. The reasons are:  their heritage value, amazing craftsmanship and beautiful design. These artistically rich   and flawless royal jewels with intricate design  bear testimony  to the sheer grandeur  and opulence of the Indian rulers, in particular the Nizam of Hyderabad - the Asaf Jahi dynasty. They were fabulously rich and the several items sold here were from the collections of   Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan. Equally rich Royal families of Jaipur, Indore, and Baroda were also represented in the sale. these families once had a very rich collection of diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, etc on a grand scale. 
On display were  400 lots in the auction including  finest jewelry gem-studded  swords, daggers, etc  once owned by famous Indian Maharajahs and Nawabs.  The current auction record is held by 'The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor' which totaled USD 144 million in 2011.

The auction took off with stylish  'Indore Sapphire Taveez Bead Pendant Necklace, mounted By Cartier' that owes its provenance to Indore's  Popular  Maharajah Yeshwant Rao Holkar II, who had his education in England. 
 Tipu Sultan, the Mysore ruler, who terrorized the East India company's army in the late 1700s   was fond of jewelry. His Magic Box' fetched more than  three times the estimate,  realizing $495,000.  The royal necklace (apparently of the Holker Dynasty) achieved USD 206,250 (Rs 1.44 crore), surpassing a high estimate of USD 60,000 (Rs 42 lakh), Christie's said  in a tweet. An antique diamond ring worn by queen mother  Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, Rajasthan  sold for Rs 4.45 crore.

Another major sale was of an enameled and jewelled 'huqqah' set from 1680-1720, "almost certainly made in the imperial Mogul workshop" as per Christie's description. This interesting item went under the hammer for USD 759,000 (almost Rs 5.3 crore) as compared to its higher limit estimate of USD 350,000 (almost Rs 2.4 crore).

Ye another attraction was a carved emerald brooch, and interchangeable 'Jigha' mounting depicting  Hindu deities Lord Rama, Sita and Hanuman sold  for USD 735,000 (close to Rs 5.12 crore). Another interesting item - a five-strand natural pearl and diamond necklace and a diamond brooch created by Mumbai-based jewelry house Bhagat sold for high prices as well - Rs 11.8 crore and Rs 1.5 crore respectively.