The catholic Church group and its illegal occupation of sacred Sabarimala forest land, Kerala 01

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In the last  two decades, many wooded areas including the sacred forest of Panchalimedu  in the state of Kerala  are facing large-scale encroachment, in particular by certain  catholic church groups with ample support from some  politicians who have a vested interest in this. In a world where communism no longer gets any respect, in the state of Kerala, the communist party of India has been a coalition partner  in the government.  Presently, the communist members of the  State legislative assembly are politically powerful.   
In the recent past in the matter of the sacred shrine Sabarimala Ayyappan and the entry of menstruating  women there, the government openly interfered  in the internal affairs of the Hindu temple. It became a serious issue in the state of Kerala, causing widespread protests among the Hindus . Even the other states joined the bandwagon  and resented the attitude of the government headed by a Communist CM.  Panchalimedu is  a sacred place for local Hindus named after Panchali/Draupadi. It is said  Pandavas of  (Mahabharata) during the 12 years of exile spent part of their period here, a serene place.  An ancient Bhuvaneswari temple, under the Travancore Devaswom Board, is also nearby and lots of people go there for worship. 
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Certain catholic church groups who get money from overseas  charities in the name  of building orphanages, schools, etc use the money for the spread of Christianity  among the gullible and pocket a big chunk for their personal use. These groups, in collusion with certain corrupt people in the government,  illegally occupy  big lands in the forest areas under the pretext of building churches and providing  free housing for the poor.  Later these lands will be converted into tea-estates or sold for a hefty profit. The tea estates  will give them lucrative business and regular income.  Several Kerala media reports have written about the massive  ill-legal encroachment by the church allegedly with the support of the communist regime  of Kerala. The Church has allegedly resorted to its ingenious  strategy  by way of illegal occupation of forest area  on assurance of votes from their religious organizations  to support the government. As stated earlier,  the Church group illegally occupied the  sacred forests of Panchalimedu.  No steps had been taken to clear the illegal occupants until it became an environmental issue.
Upon pressure from the public, the government intervened and a  village officer later ordered the demolition and removal of crosses planted by a Christian Church  group on the hills of Panchalimedu in Idukki district within a given time  as  reported  by  Janam TV. The encroached lands are part of the ‘sacred forests’ associated with the Sabarimala temple, known as ‘Poonkavanam’ in Kerala. One of the important and famous temples of India, annually, millions of devotees go to the  Sabarimala temple on a long pilgrimage. They  mostly walk barefoot on the  trail to the shrine in the ghat area. 

In June 2019  when  a  man (from the Hindu community) interested in preservation of natural environment   approached the social media,  he  got the attention of the people over the numerous crosses firmly plated on the  virgin hills of Panchalimedu, the people were aghast. Panchalimedu, a part of Sabarimala forests in Idukki district. The entire region is designated as an ecologically fragile under the Environment (Protection) Act.  It was purely an illegal occupation of the government lands and nothing more than that. It is alleged that the present government led by a CM  from the communist party  was silent over this sensitive issue. Abusing of the government land that too an environmentally sensitive area  in the name of  religion  is against the ethics of a democratic society. Here, in India religious freedom is over-exploited.  If the same thing had happened in the USA or any other European country, the government reaction to this illegal activity would have been a different one, presumably, a harsh one. 

Four decades ago, the Christian organisations had made a similar attempt to grab the Sabarimala lands in Nilakkal  using the pretext that they had unearthed a stone cross, supposedly  established by  St. Thomas  in 57 A.D. The priest  stood the ground and would build a church without any valid proof.  His stake was a false one, however, despite strong  objection from the Hindus, the government  handed over 5 acres of land free of cost to build a church there. June, 2019