The Gun House, Mysuru, an iconic colonial monument would become a restaurant again!!

The Gun House, Mysuru

Gun House, Mysuru,

In India countless historical monuments  are in a poor state because of lack of funds and care. Such places can be restored and converted into a public  office or museum. This way the govt. can save the structure from crumbling down retain  its old charm. In Mysuru city, the royal  Wadiyar family had a plan to reopen a restaurant in a heritage building called The Gun House built in the early part of the 19th century. The move was a good one. 

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For several decades this structure, considered as one among  the 200 monuments in this region, had been  lying in a sate of sheer neglect. With no gates to protect it, the dilapidated condition of this building was quite obvious in the growth of thick wild weeds, bushes and vegetation all around it.

In September 2018, there were signs that this slowly crumbling site would see the light at the end of the tunnel at last. On Sept. 19, 2018 Bhoomi Puja was done to fix the  main gate.of the Gun House and  to clear the surroundings. According to the erstwhile royal family member they would reopen the Gun House Imperial Restaurant soon after completing major restoration and repair work, etc. In the 1970s it was once a famous dinning place  with a music band and, for  some reasons, it was closed later. Plans were afoot to revamp the old kitchen toilet facilities, etc.

A visitor to Mysore city  can not miss the 110 year old  red-colored building despite its small size,  with  white trimming, close to the famous Mysore palace.   It is the Gun House, a  legacy of colonial rule in the past, that blends  European Baroque elements (of Italy; 17th century) with  Tudor styled turrets of 19th century, the Slanting roof with domer windows in  the central hall,  arched opening with stonework frame in white and  gabled roof with molded pediments  in the front. It is on a  land covering three and half acres. Located off  Nanjanagud road,  it once  housed the armory and cannons of erstwhile Maharajah's for defense purposes. 

 Built in 1910, the Gun House did not serve any other purpose, so it was  converted into a  small museum  displaying guns, different types of armory, etc once used by the Maharajah's Army. British military officials were posted in the Gun House for security reasons.

Glad this  iconic heritage site in Mysuru will be active once again and the old timers  are quite nostalgic about it.