Enchanting Jubbal palace, Jubbal, Himachal Predesh, India - a heritage site.

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Jubbal Palace near Shimla Jubbal Palace near Simla

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The  former princely sate of Jabbal, now part of the state of Himachal Pradesh, northern India  was a small one  - an  area of 288 square miles. It was ruled by the Rathore clan and their tile was  ''Rana'' and ruler  Rana Baghat Chandra since 1918 had been   referred to as Raja  Baghat Chandra. Founded in 1800, it was under Nepal from 1803 to 1815 and British from 1832 to 1840 and  after independence, it became part of India. It is a land of beautiful mountains, streams, apple orchards, big citadels and mansions. The main town is Jabbal, about 100 km from Shimla, present state capital and  formerly the summer capital of the Raj, a favorite place of Lord Curzon, a proud, but good and dynamic British administrator. Far removed from the usual  din and madding crowds of urban areas, the serene and congenial climate (elevation 6237 feet from MSL) in this region offers  a good opportunity for the tourists to relax and be at peace with themselves. Yet another attraction is. being a land of festivals and fairs, one can enjoy the cultural ethnos as well.

Jubbal Palace near Shimla Jubbal Palace near Simla  

The most fascinating place is Jubbal Palace, a  heritage site situated in the midst of a wooded  area with tall pine and deodar trees at an altitude of 7000 ft above sea level.  The structure is built in a plot  covering  over 4 acres of land.  Designed by a French architect in 1930, the architecture  with a sloping roof and distinctive chimneys is mix  of Chinese, Indian and European styles. Hence, it is  from outside stunningly impressive.  Rana's abode in the lower portion is made of  lots of deodar timber, presumably  removed from the local forest. The convoluted wooden ceilings and  other wooden works  show the influence of  Indo-European design. The wonderful collection of  ancient guns used by the royal families of Jubbal and their unique display is one of the major attractions here.  Also found in the interior parts that have intricately carved structures of timber are  suspended attics and signed photographs and paintings of eminent people,  adding beauty to the interiors, This palace has a strikingly large entrance door made of wood measuring 18 ft high and 7 ft wide. Other attractions are pieces of wooden furniture, and a library  with rare collection of Sanskrit and Persian books  normally one would find in  some old places.
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The first resident of this antiquated palace was the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army ‘Sir William Rose who, according to records,  paid equal to INR 22,000 to purchase this land in the early year of 1866 and since then, it had become his official summer residence. It was in 1938, Raja Rana Yogendra Chandra (of Jubbal ) had the palace complex rebuilt using highly skilled workers. The total cost was a whooping INR 500,000 to complete its construction that  contained best quality wood.  Raja Rana along with his wife Rani Sudha Kumari stayed here until 1977; his grandson ‘Raj Kumar Uday Singh’ converted it into  a heritage hotel  in 1977.  

The ideal time to visit Jubbal Palace in Shimla is from April to October. Hemis and Rampur Jatar Festivals are famous in June and July. It is 76 km from Kufri.    Shimla is well connected by air, road and railroad.