Is Yoga a remedy for preventing hair loss?

Losing a little off the top isn’t the social exile, nor is it  odious. However, stoically  experiencing  hair loss is still stressful and frustrating for most people.

Hair loss among men  is a gripping problems   world over. Three factors can be cited - interaction of genetics, age, and hormones. More common is the genetic factor that may lead to hair loss and later baldness. Other reason is change of certain hormonal level over a period of time of a man's life. Baldness does not occur in a short time, it occurs gradually over a time span.  According to Mayo clinic, USA  '' hair loss (alopecia) can affect just your scalp or your entire body, and it can be temporary or permanent. It can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or a normal part of aging. Anyone can lose hair on their head, but it's more common in men.'' Exposure to UV rays, frequent contact with sea water or chlorinated water may lead to slow loss of hair. 

People's reactions to baldness may vary. Some people take it easy and be happy with whatever hair is left on the head regardless of over loss from the scalp. Some men, being conscious of their appearance, may  take refuge in  fancy hats or scarves or wigs.

To avoid further loss of hair, countless men  prefer consulting experts.  Hair loss is a universal problem, and though so many treatments are available, none of them gives a permanent cure.  Countless ads are being run in the popular news papers and magazines showing a  poor-looking  bald man before treatment and the same man beaming with smile full of confidence after hair loss treatment at the clinic. Many men are succumbed to such put-on clinics'   ads  run by fake experts who are better known for their gimmicks  to get the people trapped. Mind you, there is no 100% panacea for hair-loss cure. Positively you can reduce it as much as you can. You need the will power to do it. 


For   unmarried males it is a  serious problem and this causes more stress on them than the job stress. Invariably, with some exceptions,  bewitching women prefer a  man with luxurious growth of hair  with healthy scalp. It does not matter what  is inside the skull, only the crown matters. It is true bald people can not escape from the personal, professional and  social ramifications. The result is their social activities and personal appearance take a  beating. They are under the wrong impression that they can not command respect in the absence of aura caused by baldness. It is a myth. 

Hair loss on the head is part of aging and nothing can prevent it. However, it can be checked if serious efforts are made, Avoid contacting fake clinics, you not only end up losing the remaining hair, but also your shirt.

Hair-loss clinic.

First and foremost a balanced diet is a must with lots of vegetables, green leaves, fruits, pulses, celery , spouts, etc. Besides, it is good if you drink plenty of water daily 1.5 to 2 liter.  Researchers say that  inadequate water intake, poor consumption of  salad or fruits or skipping breakfast may cause hair loss, Concentrate on food items that  are rich in  protein. Poor protein means poor hair growth. 

Nowadays as part of office work, both men and women with no choice on hand,  sit long hours before computer. The radiation emission from the monitor may be low lately, but its impact on the gradual hair loss is cumulative. This is true of sitting long hours before TV screens. Researches who strongly advocate vegetarian  food and plenty of water  also emphasis  that Yoga and Meditation may be   a good approach for hair loss treatment. Particularly, certain yoga techniques increase  blood circulation  flow of blood to the tip of the head.  Besides, yoga reduces  serum cortisol levels, which are associated with high stress levels. As for meditation, it will reduces  your stress level considerably and this may further slow down the effects of stress on the scalp. Stress may reduce the immune system and may cause slow growth of hair.  The crucial matter in the case of hair loss is poor blood circulation  in the scalp region.  Certain yoga positions like  inverted one - head on the ground with legs up can improve the flow of blood to the scalp. If a person does yoga for 45 minutes to one hour the various benefits will be more.  

The following  Asanas  will help you enhance the hair growth.  Best thing is consult a proper, well- trained Yoga master, he or she will guide you. 

01. Adho Mukha Svanasana  (do

wnward -facing dog pose).- Improves growth of hair by augmenting blood-oxygen circulation to the head and face. Simulating scalp is crucial.

Uttasana: (Forward bend) : It promotes relaxation; stretches hamstring  stomach muscles.; aids the body to switch over to Parasympathetic nervous system from sympathetic mode.  The end result is relaxation. 

Ustrasana (Camel  pose):  Improves blood oxygen levels in the heart and in the head. 

Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend): Blood circulation and stress buster. 

Balasana (Child’s Pose); Stress releasing  benefits. 

Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose): Improves the functioning

 of Thyroid glands and promotes hair growth. 

Vajrasana (Diamond pose): Promotes peace of mind and reduction of stress. 

Kabal Bhati Pranayana: This asana promotes t overall  oxygen level in the head  and at the same time strengthens the abdomen muscles.

Besides regularly doing the above Asana, it is quite imperative to follow the things mentioned below:

01. Keep you hair clean and be free from dandruff.  This can be done by washing it two or thee times a week.

02. Gentle brushing of hair is a must.

03. Do nor ever try harmful chemicals  that are found in the hair-staying products. They may improve your hair style, but its side effects are bad. Equally bad is heat-styling. 

04. When it comes to hair oil, Coconut oil (pure) is the best bet. Regular  scalp  massage is good for hair growth. Scalp will be healthy. 

05. Equally important is washing you hair with  Neem  water. It not only removes the dandruff but also the microscopic lice.

06. Be careful about supplementary vitamins like  A, E or Selenium. Excess is not good if taken overdose. 

Mind you, a man with good hair growth that adds to his stylish look,  has an edge over others in seeking a  suitable  woman as his life's partner.  Nothing is more enjoyable than having a good growth of hair on the head. This gives the man more confidence and better mobility in the society.  A man without hair on the head is roughly equal to  a lion without a mane!!