Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple, Shivasamundra, Karnataka

 There are innumerable Hindu temples dedicated to  Lord Vishnu in south India particularly across Tamil Nadu and Andhra.   The 108  Vishnu temples  across Tamil  Nadu and other states that were glorified by the Tamil Vaishnavite   saints Azhwars  in their canonical work called Naalayera  Divya Prabandam  come under Divya Desam shrines. So are the Pancha Ranga shetrams that are located in Karnataka and  Tamil Nadu.   Many  of them are on the banks of the Cauvery.  There are three temples within the islands that are formed within the river itself.  Others being  at Srirangapatna and Srirangam (Tamil Nadu).

Ranganatha swamy temple, Kollegal,

There is a popular Sri Vishnu temple in  Shivanasamudra Kollegal in  Chamrajnagar Dist in   Karnataka.  Shivana Samudra,  a small island town in the Mandya district is 65 km east of Mysore and 120 km from Bangalore. Situated on the banks of the River Cauvery, the  serene  area is  surrounded by wooded  hills and lush green valleys   Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple here is a popular  and  often referred to as   "Madhya Ranga". 

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Built in the Dravidan style of architecture, the deity in the sanctum here is  said to be in the  youthful form;  hence he is called  'Mohana Ranga' and 'Jaganmohana Ranga'.  Renovated in the early part of 2021 a large number of devotees come here on  week ends.  It is one among the  three Sri Ranganatha  temples -  Adi Ranga (Srirangapatana), Madhya Ranga and Anthya Ranga (Srirangam).

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The strong belief  has been that  one’s wishes  will be fulfilled if one visits all  the three   Ranganathaswamy temples  and offers intense prayer,   I have heard people mention to me that at Srirangapatna one must have Vishroopa Sevai 730 am,  darshan at Sathyagala at 9am and the third darshan at Srirangam in the evening. One can not do it on the same day considering the distance. But it cane be done  if opportunities arise.

Ranganatha swamy, Sivasamundra, Kolligal,

An interesting feature of this temple is the idol in the garbagriha  (sanctum/Srikovil) -  Lord Ranganatha in a sleeping posture (Anantha sayanam posture) on the coiled bed of   hooded Serpent  Adishesha  is made from a Salaigrama  stone.  Yet another  rare  feature is  the presence of Garuda (Vishnu's Vahana/mount) indeed a rare thing to be seen along with a serpent.  It is said all the deities in the sanctum is carved out of a single saligram stone (monolithic). For your information at Sri Ramar Kovil in Mariamman kovil, Thanja  the deities in the garbagriha - Sri Rsma, Sita, Lakshmana and  Anjaneya  are made from single Saligrama stone donated by the Nepal king to the Thanjavur Matha ruler. 

The other temple nearby here are 01.  Sri Someshwara Temple where Adi Shankaracharya of Kalady installed a Sri Chakra.   Adi guru Sri Shankaracharya is said to visited this place and has established a "Sri Chakra" in this place.  it is said the Shiva Linga in this temple had been there prior to Perumal temple. 02. The other temple being   Shakthi Devathe temple  dedicated to  Vanadurga Devi. This temple is just 1 km from the Shiva temple.,_Shivanasamudra