Aadipooram festival 2022 at Sri Andal temple, Srivilliputhur

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Above image: Andal-Rengamannar temple Srivilliputhur, TN. One of the famous Vaishnavite temples in Tamil  Nadu, the consecration / Kumbabisekam of this  temple took place on 20 January 2016 on a grand scale. On that occasion golden finials were also installed at the  Andal temple...............

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Above image: Sri Andal temple, Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu.  Temple flag being hoisted at Andal Temple in Srivilliputtur marking the beginning of Aadipooram festival, on July 24, 2022. .............. 

Sri Andal Temple, srivilliputtur,TN oindesbobby.com

Sri Andal Temple, srivilliputtur,TN oindesbobby.com

The Aadipooram festival (July- August), also called Andal Jayanthi is being observed at the Andal Temple in the Tamil month of Aadi  and the 10 - day festival began with flag hoisting (between 9 am and 10 am) on  July 24. On that day  in the morning the main deity Lord Vishnu - Rangamannar was given Thailakoppuu (application of herbal oil on the moolavar). The temple flag (Kodi Pattam) was taken round the four main Ratha  streets with devotion and after special pujas was hoisted on the flag staff - Dwajasthanbam and aarti was taken before it by the pundits.. This ritual is being followed in all Hindu temple before the start of a major festival. On 28th Garuda Sevai  was already done and torrow - 30th July there will be Sayana Sevai for the perumal.

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 The temple chariot festival (Thiru AadipooraTherotum) will be on the 1st of August (Aadi pooram date) next month and arrangements are afoot for this grand event that takes place after a long gap of two years.  God Sri Rengamannar and Goddess Andal in a  palanquin will be  placed on the decorated  chariot that will be pulled by  hundreds of   devotees all round the four  Ratha Streets.  

Obviously, there will be a huge crowd turning out to take part in the car festival  and pull the huge rath. The collector of Virudhunagar has already declared August first as a govt   holiday and there will be no schools, colleges, etc. The annual Andal Jayanthi is celebrated by the local people and devotees from other places with religious fervor. 

In the last two consecutive years the Aadi pooram chariot  festival  did not take place on account of government restrictions on public gathering, etc.,  in view of COVID -19 Pandemic. However, the chariot event took place on the temple premises itself  round the sanctum  with observance of  social distancing and limited admission of devotees into the temple.

One of the important Divyadesam shrines glorified by the Vaishnava Tamil saints Azhwars  (6th to 9th centuries) the temple is dedicated to Sri Andal, daughter of saint Periazhwar and Lord Vishnu  (known as Vadapathrasayi or Rengamannar.  Andal being a poetess wrote the famous  Thirupavai - devotional hymns in praise of Lord Vishnu and  they  are recited in the early morning at  all Vaishnavite temple across Tamil Nadu thrugh out the month of Margazhi (December - January). Hymns -Thirupallandu composed by  saint Periyazhwar are also equally famous 

The presiding deity goddess Andal's nakshatra/ star is Pooram (as per Tamil Calendar) Aadipooram festival gains much significance and tens of thousands of devotees visit the temple during festive days.  

This temple is a popular one dedicated to lord Vishnu (Rangamanner /  Vadapathrasayi) and his consort is Andal, daughter of Priyaazhwar, a great Vaishnavite saint who wrote  Tamil devotional hymns in praise of the lord. Considered as one of the important Divya Desam shrines glorified  by the Azhwar saints of 6th to 9th centuries, lots of people visit this temple and the temple Gopuram - tower is one of the tallest in south India and is the emblem of the Tamil Nadu State Government. Sri Andal, being an ardent devotee of the lord here, wrote Thirupavai - devotional hymns which are recited in all Vaishnavite temple across Tamil Nadu during the month of Margazhi (December - January). Equally famous are the hymns Thirupallandu composed by  saint Periyazhwar.

Andal a  goddess incarnate of Lakshmi was  known for her steadfast devotion to God Vishnu  and  ultimately she merged with the lord in the sanctum at Srirangam. Her adopted father Periazhwar took her to Srirangam when the lord himself appeared in his dream and told him to bring her to that temple.