Historic ''clocktower- war memorial'', Gandhi market, Tiruchirappalli

War memorial, Gandhi market, Tiruchy, TN in.worldorgs.com

War memorial, Gandhi market, Tiruchy, TN in.worldorgs.com

In the city of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Gandhi market is  a land- mark  place  popular  for whole sale vegetable business. It began as a fort market in 1867-68 when India came under the Crown administration and it extends over 6.5 acres of land in a prime location..   In this busy part of the city,  visitors seldom take a look at the war memorial erected there. Way back it was built to honor those brave soldiers from this part   who lost their lives  in  World War  one - WWI.  

War memorial plaque  Gandhi market, Tiruchy, TN in.worldorgs.com

It is quite painful and a shameful thing the war memorial in this area was highly encroached upon   by petty shop keepers and hawkers further,  because of poor publicity by the tourism department the war memorial, a fine legacy of Indian army's involvement in WWI many residents of this place had no idea about the clock tower and why it was built. 

Across India because of lack of interest on the part of TV and newspaper media, many  historical monuments are facing similar fat. They  are languishing  for years without proper periodic repairs and they do not get any attention of the heritage lovers or government agencies. Many monuments  are in a shambles beyond redemption due to official   apathy and lack of  awareness. 

Clock tower memorial, Gandhi market Tiruchi. trichyonline.in

Clock tower memorial, Gandhi market Tiruchi. youube.

Records point out that  as many as   302 soldiers from Trichinopoly  took part  in World War I  (1914-1918) as  part of British Indian Army and fought side by side with the Europeans  outside of India.  Among them,  41 died  in action overseas   in the war.  

War memorial plaque  Gandhi market, Tiruchy, TN in.worldorgs.com

In order to  honor their valor, courage and patristic zeal the then government under the colonial rule   in 1919 had built a  tall tower with a huge clock in  the busy  Gandhi market area that bears the foot prints of  Gandhiji.  It was in 1927 a prominent nationalist and  leader of the Congress party  Rethinavelu Thevar,  invited  Gandhiji  to inaugurate the expanded market  during his tenure as the Mayor of Thiruchirapalli. later the area came to be known as  Gandhi Market

Fortunately in February 2013, responding to persistent demands from the  furious ex-servicemen and other retired personnel from the Indian Army, the city corporation  took a drastic action against the over-encroached shop keepers (mostly refugees from Burma) and removed the illegal structures  around the clock tower and memorial. 

Way back in June 2019 a proposal to beautify  his memorial along the Rock Fort hillock, Main Guard gate, Purathana park, Teppakulam etc that come under the management of the ASI is on the anvil 

A war memorial in the Gandhi market is a reminder of colonial era and the Indian Army's link with the British army. The clock tower memorial built as a token of our gratitude to the fallen heroes need to be preserved for the posterity without any encroachment all around it. It is the duty of the corporation to keep the war memorial in good shape as it stands a symbol   of their bravery and sacrifice for their motherland.    

war memorial illumination  Gandhi market, Tiruchy, TN in.worldorgs.com

In  November 2019 the 4 sided clock tower was color illuminated on a trial basis using   LED flood lights and  the cost was around Rs. one crore. There was a proposal to increase the height of stainless steel fence all around the memorial  to present the unlawful hawkers and others jumping over the fence. This project is part of Smart City Plan as envisaged by the Central Government....