Kadamattom St. George Orthodox Church, Kolenchery, Kerala known for its mystic power.

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People with troubled mind do go to many places of worship to find a solution, rarely one or two give them the needed answer. At such places the moment you enter, captivated by the serene environment, you become composed and be at peace yourself. Such places have some kind of spiritual aura that can not be explained. Upon the visit, you gain more confidence and all the negative elements are driven out of your body. You feel happy and rejuvenated upon your visit. One such place is  Kadamottom church -  Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church that was one run by a priest with amazing mystic powers which are still talks of the town. 

Kadamattom Church, near  Kolenchery town and Muvattupuzha in the Ernakulam District, Kerala, though is believed to have been established in the 9th CE, its origin is a bone of contention. Some historians say it could be 6th century CE. The church is atop a small hill, about 30 km from Kochi and is  close to National Highway 49 ( Kochi-Madurai National Highway) between Kolenchery and Muvattupuzha towns; 1 km from  the Peruvammuzhi Junction.  This ancient Jacobite church  has been a Pilgrimage and spiritual  center for Syrian Christians for several centuries.

Kadamattom St. George Orthodox Church,Kolenchery en.wikipedia.org

Kadamattom St. George Orthodox Church,Kolenchery

The Church built up on a property gifted by a prominent family of the local area the ‘Karthas’ has an interesting legend. A priest from Nineveh one  Mar Abo came to  Kadamattom to preach and spread  the  Gospel of Christ and was fatigued due to long travel and pangs of hunger.  Approaching a poor family he asked the lady just to cook a grain of rice in a pot of water and pray. In a jiff, as if waving a magic wand, the pot was full of boiled rice. The poor lady stood there tongue-tied over the miracle right before her eyes, No black magic, nothing whatsoever.  However, he was known to have cured  those people afflicted with depression, epilepsy and mental ailment. 

The lady took the priest to  the ‘Ayikunathu.  Karthas’ family, then a prominent Nair family of Kadamattom  as a kid in the family was stricken with incurable disease and there was no solution in sight.  Mar Abo (also known Mar Sabor), a Middle Eastern monk from Syriac Orthodox Church with his mystical power, invoked the blessings of the lord and cured the kid from the dreadful disease which the local doctors failed to cure.

 Pleased as he was the  ‘Karthas’ family offered  their land for the construction of a church. This church  later came to be called  St. George Orthodox Church of Kadamattom.  When Mar Abo was building the church, he was given ample assistance by the Kathas family and Rev. Paulose, alias the legendary Kadamattathu Kathanar’s mentor.  

The latter was ordained as a priest of the church. The famous Kadamattathu Kathanar, a priest  was bestowed with amazing  mystical powers and unnatural capabilities with which he did many miracles. The unusual priest' life  is entwined  with awestruck stories of miraculous cures, magic, sorcery, etc. This enigmatic priest with his amazing power in spiritual and magical realm is quite familiar among the children of Kerala as many TV Serials and movies were produced on him. 

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 There is a deep well in the church  called Pathaala kinar (in Tamil Kinaru) that has been here since the inception of this church. Both  Pathala Kinar and the Poyedam chapel (below the church) are closely linked to Kathanar are  to his magic spells  and spiritual cures. It is often said that Kathanar could reach the nether world- pathal lok to entrap the demons and goblins there and the pathal kinar was used as entry and exit point. Kadamattathu Kathanar, it is said,  used to live in a house that was located on this site.

As for the story of  Kadamattathu Kathanar, so much is written and mentioned about his supernatural or transcendental  power laced with untenable stories. However, his unbiased service to the people with kind heart and devotion laced with certain spiritual power and  good deeds will go down several generation and stand apart. People who approached him felt the warmth of love and 

As to the story how Paulose got the magical powers, Paulose  who was ordained by the Parish priest as Deacon, it is said went to the forest in search of a lost cow. Unexpectedly,  he was  held by the tribal  community  Malai Aryans (mostly worshippers of Kaali and Ayappan).  They were not cannibals as reported erroneously  in some articles.  His long 12 year  sojourn  got him a chance to learn the nuances of  magic performances and sorcery, etc.  One day he stealthily escaped from the tribal enclave and took refuge in the church with the help of a strange old man. The divine interference took him to the right place where  whatever witchcraft he leaned from the tribal community, he used them for the good of the people and became popular.  

According to Father Eldose Kakkadan the ancient church has  secret vault in the attic containing palm leaf manuscripts inscribed with tantric mantras and magical spells locked up with several locks. Not even a single word from the manuscript is read out or uttered and it might case uncomfortable thing- something like opening the Pandora's box, letting out all the evils held in one place. 

Major festivals held during  January–February  mark the death anniversary of the legendary priest.  Kadamattom Church, a famous Malankara Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church  is well-known for its old Persian Cross with four equal arms and ancient writings inscribed and is on the right wall of the Madhbaha or Holy of Holies.  

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Above image: This Cross is at Kadamattom Church of the Oriental Orthodox Church.  Situated close  to Kolenchery town near Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam District, it is one of the ancient churches in India dating back to the 9th Century AD..............

The mortal remains of the Kathanar (the  tombstone of Mar Thoma IX)   are still in this church on the left side just outside the Madhbaha  and this makes it a famous pilgrimage center.